Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free from your cage!!

You think I write poem for you,
You think I sacrifice my smile for you,
You think I dig into
the mud to find a diamond for you,
For you who let me drown
into the sea of tears and pains,
May be you are the last person I could ever love,
May be you are last man I could found as human,
Nevertheless to worry,
I sigh off from the promise I made to myself,
Promise to stand besides you,
Till the death do us apart,
Let my heart break into pieces,
And I can still bear a smile,
I can lost myself with to that ecstasy,
And drink my tears
But still says let it be,
So that it will never fall in love again,
I will face the every single trouble alone,
And kiss the thorn,
Which stops my footsteps,
So that I would be scared to face another you,
But I would never stand besides you again,
For the reasons known to you,
Years are gone,
Many things have changed,
Between you and me,
But the word “we” could never come between us,
I might cry for you,
Without knowing the price of my tears,
I might succumb to the pain of departing you forever,
But I would never let you see the tears,
I would never let you weep it away,
I would never let you heal the pain inside,
With a tender touch of yours,
Let this life spent in vain,
Let you call me a nun,
Let you name me a half-woman,
But I would never come across again in your way,
Just the way you dream of,
I’m not the one who you draw,
In your tiny heart,
There, I could never live,
There, I could never breathe,
The heart you own is too tiny,
The mind you possess is too limited,
That’s not the place I suit to,
That’s not the place I should live,
That’s the reason I free myself from your cage!!

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