Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My boss is a MCP!!

Working with an MCP is the terrible experience one can ever have. His mind is full of negative thoughts and he feels sad and insecure seeing his female colleaugue, also with the one who provided a truthful answer to his silly and meaningless question. Even I had to suffer from the syptoms of his diseases of MCP. I used to argue with him a lot but it is more like a fighting with a pig in the mud. Just getting dirty and the pig enjoying with the dirtiness. I lose more of my eneergy while arguing everyday than working in the office. But I feel that that in life it is very necessary to learn the lesson " how to deal with a MCP or idiot". It is a pleasure to see them sometime, the way he fooled himself to show his man ego. But tired and at the end of the day I'm left with no energy to go for class and give attention.

But I have learnt the lesson of dealing with a man who is more like a pig. that's a human pig sitting in the AC room. First ever pig from IIT and also a scholar from Netherland.

I still have lots of hope to go ahead. Even the pig got ph.d degree in Netherland :)

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