Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When Moirang khamba meet Krishna!!

He must be shouting for his root,
He must be craving for his tribe,
He must be asking machem Khamnu,
Where he was born?
Where he belonged?
Mathura or Moirang?
I dream of pure love,
like that of khamba-thoibi,
the eternal sacrifice of two lovers,
I listen to Moirang-Parva,
To get a glimpse of their love story,
I cry for Khamnu
on how she suffered
and how she brought up Khamba,
I crave for the courage of Thoibi,
Who defied convention
and married Khamba,
The woman who defeated
the villain Nongban,
For her true love,
But it was a famous poet,
who threw me into trouble,
Who made me lost again,
In another myth,
Quite far away from what I heard,
I remember my grandma telling me her story,
the story of Khamba-Thoibi,
I still think she was right,
I still am mesmerised
with the beauty of Thoibi,
But he taught me lately,
the famous poet,
who wrote that myth,
How Khamba met Krishna,
How they play the Ras Lila,
The reincarnation of Krishna as Khamba,
Krishna came to Moirang,
Than when I lost my way,
Now I see Radha
Playing Holi with Khamba
And Khamba flirting with the Gopis,
Now I run after that myth,
which is connected to my root,
Now I question that history,
which was written as history only,
Still it can't answer,
Where Khamba belonged?
Where he met Krishna,
How he played the Ras Lila,
In front of Thanjing Mandap,
You have to come back
and answer me,
You have to re-write your book,
You have to re-sing the Moirang-Parva,
I'm still waiting,
How you would explain,
Khamba playing holi with Radha,
and flirting with Gopis,
You have to reason,
Why Khamba was crying,
For the made-to-believe myth!!

.....One of the most shocking piece of manipur literature was found out few days back in a very famous book. Giving title of Shri shri shri to Khamba, a meitie hero in one of the biggest epic of meitie... I just wanted to ask the poet to rewrite the moiang parva....

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  1. when I heard about it my mind goes (&*^%&#^&%#^%#&%@*$^$)
    I think some people really need to smell coffee and in our case Ngari.