Sunday, September 8, 2013

Silencing those voices!

Finally I'm hatting the social networking especially Facebook. Bunch of crook people ready to judge if we talk of the topics out of the box. Only reason why I'm still engaged in Facebook is that it gives me a boost to write, think and sometime feel encouraged with some friends honest opinion. If you talk about politics, about love, about relation, about feminism and gender conflict then you are gone. That's happening with me.

I love thinking about what should I write, even a simple conversation with a friend, I try to make it in a nice line and make it poetic. That's how I try to improve my writing and command in the language. Above all, I do not care what people are tagging me with any name. Let it be. But it does surprised me with their questions. After all I'm not writing to become answerable to anyone of them. I know even among the friends they find me weird because I talk about politics, parties, gender and my conflict situation with the religious and God-loving people. They said why do you bother? This annoyed with more than anything. What we should be talking all the time. About the boyfriends, how nice it was his new haircut, how sexy he looks like, all the time and 24 x 7. Forgive me I could never do that. I can not be in a conversation of men, marriage, kid and shopping not more than an hour. I do have my limits. After all I'm never impressed by kind of  men whose attitude and personality are only identifiable by their branded clothes and socially and politically looks totally dumb and stupid. So as I can not tolerate a man who talks all the time about zero size woman and their horny dreams.

There are so many topics we can engage and have fun while talking and all of them are relevant to our day to day life. It's our negligence to talk, discuss and analyse the things around and just following what others are doing, later on we can not blame when it becomes a culture and burden to us. And we can't blame men for not understanding. If you are not interested in talking about the things related to your life who will take charge and discuss about it. Here comes the major reason of lack of participation of women and those who stood up become a victim of the mass including of their female counterparts.

We have many examples whose voices are silence in many ways by threat, by killing, by eliminating them from their way and that's reason we still stand in a place where everything looks motionless for women, having no option but following to the already set laws/norms/culture.

Why we still feel that making law, bringing the change, voicing against the wrong doers is only a men's job and we have no part to play in it other than talking about what should we cook in the dinner, what colour of bed sheet/curtain will be suitable to my bedroom, how can I impress my boyfriend/husband, what dress he will like? It's quite pity so far, so many educated women can not engage their conversation beyond this topic. Those who does the talk are ostracized and treated as a alien.

Why don't we admire Arundhati Roy, Medha Patkar, Banerjee Bhuto, Kiran Bedi, Taslima Nasreen, Mahasweta Devi and so many of them who change the niche of woman from kitchen to politics and society at large. Do we still have to follow what our mothers have done, taking care of our father and washing their family clothes and at the end of the day living in their mercy. I'm not being pessimistic about family life. No one can better understand a family life than me and I don not need a lesson to it. I know how it is like adopting and taking care of two teenage brothers in Delhi. Everything is possible, even managing them and living a life of my own, having a career, social life, talking about politics and so many things. But simply denying to talk and even discuss of the raising issues around us will be a foolish step for all of us and we are already bearing the consequences of the man-made laws, rules and culture.

It was just few years back, the school going girls are forced to wear sarongs, then asking us not to wear jeans, in future they can ask us  to wear a veil and we should not be surprised if we ignore to talk, discuss and bring it a negotiable table where we can also talk about what a woman want from their life apart from obliging to the set rules of patriarchal organisations in our society. 

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