Monday, August 19, 2013

Of politics without women!

I live in a super power country which is secular as written in constitution but people are too religious and even killed each other. I live in a country where women are put in a very high regard as according to the Shastra, the holy unused books but thousands of women die every year in the dowry death and some of them are even killed in the womb only.

Truly said by Indira Swaney that in our country caste is above the women. This country's politics has not included women as a part of the country. Lets take an example of women reservation bill still pending or blocked in the parliament. Some half baked intellectuals will argue now men and women are equal so why there should be a reservation. Only answer I can give is that do you know darling how does it feel like pre- mensuration syndrome and how much it pain? Simple reason is that a politics, a law which do not embrace the basic needs of the women can never be a complete politics and a complete law. A man howsoever good or gentle he is he can never understand every need of a women so as the requirement of women politicians, judges, police. Thousands of rape cases are never proved because of the male police atrocities when the complainant come to file the case. Most shocking case was one the rape case in which Karnataka High Court giving a mitigating factor to the accused saying he is already married, have children and have served the jail for two years then shockingly concluding that the parties have come to an agreement. Was rape a contract where an agreement can be brought between the parties by giving some compensation? This is where how even the law exploits women, which is believed to be established for protection of the weaker section of the society. Now the whole country will support both educated and uneducated BJP/RSS baby and its terrific leader as Prime Minister of this country. I'm not interested in Hindu-Muslim politics and it's beyond my understanding as I don't believe in belonging to any of the religion. For the fact that I would rather eat both pork and beef showing by distasteful flavor of belonging to both Hindu, Muslim or any religion. But I will not forget what RSS commented to the rape victim of Delhi being her own fault and attacking of the pub going girls in Banglore and of course the famous pink panty campaign. 

When it comes to suppression of women all the religion, all the politicians, all the lawmakers joined hand. Because it is not even secondary. What's making BJP a all time crying baby is that since Independence they have always been defeated by congress. I can bet everyone that they may bring down the rate of dollar, may end the corruption but will surely put veil on our face and the women of this country will see the doom day worst than we are seeing now. How can the whole mass of this country support or even not say a word when a bloody old men commented that women should not step out of the home, the whole problem arises when they do so and even blame the rape victim who was brutally murdered. 

What kind of development will happen to this country when even after the 67th Independence day, we still don't count women being a participant of the society rather than treating them as their subordinate and helper?  Of course law is male, politics is for male and for the good reason, no men will stand up for the rights of the women, on the funniest part they will never suggest to build a women's toilet in the highways! Huh they will still say how would it be possible for women travelling to a highway. This is for men and we don't need a toilet when there are so many standing trees waiting for us to give us a shade. 

This happens even from the pre-independence era where women folk who have initiated the demand of women's voting rights have been outcast as being nasty while the whole country was demanding for the Independence from British. That independence British has granted was for a country and for the men and their freedom, perhaps we remain in the same position as those colonized people to our men, our family, our society, our culture, our law and our politicians! 

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