Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Rich God & his patented LADDU!!

Humans are one of the most amazing creature I'm witnessing. I'm no longer surprise with the monuments, no longer enjoying the animal circus show and in fact I enjoy the game going around the globe played and participated by humans only.

Humans make God, they teach how to pray and then they force people how to follow on that blah blah. When I was at home every morning and evening I followed the routine prayer in Lainingthou and Leimarembi and not even a single day I felt that God/goddess and all those prayers are hypocracy. But from a long time I don't even wish to bow my head in front an idol in the big temples in the crowded Delhi which is owned by obssessed followers. In Delhi there is no place to sleep by the beggers and half of the citizen in Delhi spend their life in the footpath but every gali has a temple for the rich to wash their sin.

How I come up with this post is after reading the post in Spicy IP dismissing the PIL filed against patenting "Tirupati laddu" in favour of the commitee who looks after the Tirupati temple. What makes me funny is about all these game of making God, temple, Laddu and then protection of luddu ultimately. Good, we are too advanced now, God also get patent certificate in the coming age and the owner will be donned with monopoly right to earn profits for a given period of time . The most surprising thing which stops me from entering temple is for asking money for praying to the God. I stop entering temples since then we were asked to book ticket and gave 200 bucks per person in the Kamakhya Mandir in Assam. All my friends went in to pray, believing that its a golden opportunity to visit inside the temple by giving 150 bucks after bargaining in the Kamakhya temple but I come back home after abandoning my believe in God and its followers.

What I witness in Delhi is different types of "Homo sapiens". One travel in the luxiourous car, lived in the huge banglow, another group travel in the local commuters and live in a small flat and still managing to take part in the social norms. The last category don't look like human from anywhere. Only thing left is that they have physical similarity in lookwise. They have such a poor state of life, seeing them dogs must be laughing at them. The people here also treat them like dogs and cows only, in fact dogs and cows are more sympathise than those people in footpath.

Seeing the colourful page of Times of India make me felt every morning that Oh! India is such a rich country and full of enjoyment everywhere. And all those big talks of politicians and donations to the poor 3rd world countries like Burma. But at the moment I also remember my poor state made up of probelms with no solutions for so long. The half naked women and men sticking to each other just like lazy spiders to get the trademark of high class society in the page 3 photographs really make me felt pity for them. They won't give a damn of one human leaking their shoes to feed the hunger stomach but you can find them kissing their pocket dogs and cleaning the dog's shit in the TV and reality show.

OMG!! reality show are aweful!!  India's real asset is Rakhi Sawant and the V-grade bollywood heroines. V stands for vulgarity. Every TV chennel own at least one V-grad heroin to sell more TRP. News chennel are more pathetic than reality shows. They repeat the same show if you wish to follow some news. Everyday I checked every news chennel to see if they forecast some news of economic blocked which led to the force fasting of 30 lakhs people in Manipur. But everyday I'm disappointed but still keep checking the news. How much our Home Minister Chidambaram worried about the attack to Sri Sri Ravi Shanker. He gave a live speech regarding the issue and on the spot gave his opinion.

Just keep thinking though it is impossible. Why don't we also hired Rakhi Sawant and do a protest to lift the blocked. I hope for sure the centre will come to a solution with Muviah and end the story. Seeing the present situation what I remember everyday is the story of two cats and one monkey which we study in the primary school. Here the Centre govt. taking the role of Monkey and of course Muviah as a cunning cat who falls into the trap of monkey and other cat who is just weeping without having any defence while his stomach is empty. Ultimately moral of the storey was that monkey was just playing with them and eating thier share of food (roti) taking advantage of their foolishness.

Muviah want to plant a naga inhibited area in the mid of three states and consequences are no longer in the vulnarable state. Centre knows how to handle just cunning cat who can't come out with anything positive so playing the role of monkey while Ibobi is too defenceless this time. He once pop up with one statement of protesting against Muviah's visit to somdal then and now he is lost from the scene. But he is a working hero (m using in sarcastic tone), everybody can see him checking out the developing stage of buildingvof NIT and checking out there. That shows he can never compromise his "thika work". If he stops from where the money will come into his banck account? Thats a bigger concern for him than the rest of the issue.

God, save my home from Monkey & cunning Cat.


  1. 在你一無所有的時候 是誰在陪伴你 他便是你最重要的人 ............................................................

  2. "When you have nothing who is accompanying you he is your most important people in your nothing .........................."

    this is the meaning of chinease comment read above..

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