Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Walking on a path less known,
Believing to a truth not acceptable,
Forgetting a person more close than my soul,
This is where I arrive,
The land which is uncertain,
Uncertainty which lies beyond my understanding,
Uncertainty beyond my reach,
The path I would walk again
Its uncertain to me,
Unknown and unacceptable,
Where I lost the trust,
Where I can’t think beyond you!
Another uncertainty ,
Waiting for me in the path ahead!
It may wrap what it wants
Without bothering me,
But I have no choice to deny it,
I have to move on,
Until I reach to touch
And walk upon another uncertainty.

1 comment:

  1. chao,,
    this is just beautiful, our uncertainty in life is eternal,,lfe and death itself is uncertain...our very beginning and end is uncertain....what is so certain in our life is the eternal uncertainty itself.