Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whose Independence is this???

Picture courtesy: Chaoba Phuritshabam

When the whole country celebrate the Independence Day, our lives are still filled with fear, anguish,pain and tear. Whose Independence is this anyway? Why would I like to call that I'm an Indian? I feel ashamed of calling myself to be citizen of this country who put our lives in hell.

Reading the constitutional articles torture me everyday. Where is articel 14,15, on for us? When our lives are thrown into hell and we live with the fear of dying every moment, where is my independence? Every moment I'm afraid of the safty of my brother, father, mother, sister, how can I live in peace. Neither I can live to the place where I was born nor I can leave even though it is a hell.

I'm left with only one option to fight to live in this hell.


  1. We have no option,... at the same time it is "we" to bring back and make changes.

  2. we got an option
    if we start a revoloution

  3. we have already started it from a long time from the deep corner of our heart. Its burning and flaming all over now. It will engulf the whole world very soon :)

  4. Unarmed grassroot level mass movement encompassing all sections of society,all areas of the land.I believe thats the only way out.