Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let's speak up for our deprived Rights!!

Let's speak up for the rights which are deprived from us. No one will come and rescue us while we dig on the hell and live a life like a prisoner. Let's demand for the our rights to life, rights to fredom, dignity to live in this world.

... It's not about just obeying and following the Constitution or any law/lagislature. But it is the right which is given only to me/us by a greater Devine before the constitution, the legislature, the UN exist or form on this earth to run and rule our lives. Nobody has a monopoly right to deprive us from living freely. We have to fight against them irrespective of the legitimate or illegitimate rights empowered to them to kill us and torture in the way they feel like. We should not be tolerant to such day to day attocities and it is the time that we show our resistant to such fools who are sucking our blood and torture our soul everyday.

It is a high time that we question the human rights activists to leave the state and not to sell our rights to live, our right to survive while they are roaming the world for their personal benefits/name/fame etc. Let's not give more importance to such namesake NGO's and activism anymore. Let's not give them the chance to burgain our dead body to the govt. Why would we let them speak about our right to live, when they are using us for a cause to earn profit. How many human rights activist have ever come forward to save any life in Manipur. Why are we just count on the mushrooming of human rights activist in Manipur? It's a big question we should put on them. Because it is just a good business to a killing field like Manipur where the whole system is paralysed and you have only one way to increase the steps of your buiding; that's to become a human Rights activist. You should know how to promote your business, that's killing the people by internal and external politics. you should know how to deal the dead body with the govt for the ex-gratia from that they will earn the percentage of their share. whatever it may cost. Another term of human rights activist is business of selling human whether dead or alive. We should stop them from earning easy money out the bloodshed.

We should wake up from the long seista before the time is not too late and let's not wait for the day where we won't be left with nothing to recover in our hand.

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