Friday, May 15, 2009

You are no more different!!

You just act to be different from the rest but you are not really. You can't think on your own. You don't have anything on your own including your words. you condradict what you said. You speak what others say at the momnet. You are carried away by what other think at that moment. That is something I hate about you. Today I literally hate you for like anything. That's why I wish to leave this hell for this lifetime and live freely after this day onwards.

Sometime you fail to understand the people who are closed to you and know you really. That's how you always blocked your own way. I have done eneough now. Now I'm fade up of you and your outdated philosophy which suits nothing except you. Don't you get bored of your own philosophy?? Leave me and free me from your non-ending thought process. It become like a huge tide which would engulf me in and out.I'm too suffocated.

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