Friday, May 8, 2009

Awaited dream!!

Is it my awaited dream?
I still ask to him,
Still searching for his hands on mine to lead me again,
But I’m still searching for his footsteps,
Someone says I should move ahead,
Someone says I should talk to my mind,
Someone says it must be droplets left behind,
By the careless touch of the cool wind on my cheek,
Someone says it would not be tears,
Someone says I can’t cry,
Rather I look back,
Rather I accept the truth,
Promise of one moment,
Turn me into a prisoner of my own thought?
I’m still fighting with my own thought,
Neither can it join the pieces of his dreams,
Nor it can bring the spring into his life,
Because it has no meaning to him,
I was crying but raindrops come to rescue me,
I was sad but I hide my petty tears,
I was laughing when I lost his footsteps,
I was smiling when he asks me to leave him,
Yeah, I’m still standing to that place
Where I lost his footsteps.
I did not move for a moment,
I stop dreaming for a moment,
While he still leads me towards the darkness,
He asks me to leave his hand,
While I still walk in his footsteps,
He asks me not to follow him,
While he still nurses the broken pieces of his dreams,
He asks me to stop dreaming,

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