Monday, May 18, 2009

Follow your Dream!!

Climb every mountain,
Follow every stream,
Follow the rainbow till you find your dream!!

Few lines from sound of Music. You may get disappointed in life once your dream is shattered and you are left with no hope. Life become more terrible to live when someone you know become someone you knew. You tend to live in the past when you are betrayed by the person you love. That's the moment you have started to do injustice with your own emotions. I realised lately but I have promised not to look back. Till the time I count on the drops of my tears it was too late. But I never say no to my little hope which springs my life and ask me to embrace the new dream. There comes a day, Little by little I forgot his dream, his laughter, little by littel he became a stranger to me. By the time I met him on a rainy season to that place where we met for the first time, he was just someone I knew, not someone I know. I'm happy to see myself without much affected by your smile, by your laugher anymore. Yes, I move on finally but lately. You remember I always told you I will never do injustice with my own emotions. That's how I learn and move on in life by leaving you and your memory behind. Life has to move on along with that pain, but you can't stop living. You can't leave the void empty all the time. I have to remind myself, I 'm not looking for the person whom I love the most but for that love which needs me most and for that person who can keep that love for me. That's your dream. You have to sail towards that dream. You have to endeavour anything to reach there. You have to climb every mountain if he is on top of the mountain waiting for you to hold his hand, you have to follow every stream if he is waiting for you at the end of the sea, you have to follow the rainbow if he is standing there and looking for your way.


  1. where there is vision and passion, all things fall into place.

  2. When I'm deprived of sightness where can I see the vision, when I'm deprived of dream how can have the passion to fulfill it.