Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dream deprived!!

Deprived of sleep,
sad and shattered,
tear and torn,
and darkness encroached into my world,
from the moment,
you deprived me of my dream,
Moment of solitude,
Moment of loneliness,
craving for you,
only your love,
days longer than years,
months longer than century,
hope dies and sank,
dream alive as a dream only,
a dream of you,
which emerged and merged,
within me,
a dream which vanished,
in front of your eyes,
my dream which lives you,
just emerged but sank into the deep sea of blue,
colour of sadness,
maroon my life,
leaving behind this useless body,
a white canvas,
which you ignore to paint with,
the colour of your dream,
a dream which dies and sank
from the moment,
you deprived me of my dream!

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