Saturday, May 23, 2015

Corporate blue and my wayward siblings !

One thing I always pray in life was that if I was only sister to my elder sister. I never admire having a brother since from the day one my brothers due to discrimination by my grandmother. Seeing my brothers pamper beyond their control was irritating.

I do not know when I will get my freedom back in life. It is losing hope and day by day I have given up in all my dreams. Dream to spend life in home, work only for 4-5 hours, sing and dance just like no one is watching and write the rest of the day. Every night my eyes were in pain and I had to sleep forcefully just to make sure that next day I could go to office. At times I have started thinking that why I'm earning when no one even bother about what I have dream about them and how much sacrifice I have made for them. My brothers have become like a parasite to my family as they grow up. Till today my parents compromise their way of life just because they want to see their sons in good school,college and a successful career. But how easy it is for some people living like a parasite and still blame the others. There was a time my father do not have money to spend in my coaching and I had to say him I could study alone just to make him happy. But here is a pervert son who spent 80k in coaching and almost a lakh in school and then he said he could not study because everyone scolded him. I wish I have the courage to disown them and bring an orphan instead of them. After all who cares about another once they are out of their way. Better option would be that you adopt an orphan and make the life of someone who knows the value of other's life, sacrifice, money and dreams. 

I do not know do they even have a dream apart from taking money from sister and father, day dreaming of becoming someone big as in Rajnikant Movie without studying and doing everything they want to do without any hard work. They would never know it was truly pain in the ass driving cycle for 20 km a day and going school and then reaching Delhi without anyone's support. Again it is a heartburn, when you are made to sacrifice by your parent's blackmailing that your brothers should be made a "big man" so you start working even before I could give the final year exam. I wonder what are they up and what I was thinking in those days. I know it was dreamy, beautiful and full Hindi film family drama. My foot ! A film always based on a terrible mother on torn saree and handsome son with elite class girlfriend, a sacrificing sister doing everything for her brother and finally they abandon them on the roadside. But still the history continue though I'm not in a position that no one could abandon in the roadside. 

But who cares I'm still in the circus of corporate world where I met everyday so many people who holds so many degrees and studied from so many famous institute unlike me but still laugh at the sexist husband-wife jokes and so many sati savitri around to judge our character. Every morning is all about seeing so many frustrated with fake smiles in the metro who can kill each other for a seat. I don't mind seeing them everyday but for what ? The purpose has become very useless when you have all your wayward siblings only mean for your money and support to their perverseness. At times, I wish I had no siblings, apart from the burden and pain, I could never share with them momentd of happiness in life. Whenever I saw their face, I started thinking that they are the reason I'm here in corporate and living with such a shattered dream without having a moment of melancholy and loneliness. 

I have lived for so long with such a dying dreams of getting rid of this corporate blue but still I have to bear for few more years till I could get rid of my own wayward siblings. Only thing I'm doing is for my parents miserable thoughts of giving them a good life but I wonder if they could ever understand about success, hard work, sacrifices in life apart from being nasty, pathetic, and selfish. Now I no longer wonder about their career but rather about their humanity and being a good human who can understand poor, love, affection and sacrifices which a human must have to be able to differentiate from animals. What I do not want them is becoming another frustrating face in metro whose worth of life is just for getting a seat in Delhi metro !

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