Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kathmandu-Pokhra journey

After months finally I went to experience a long vacation in the lap of beautiful Nepal. The two days fun of team building in Kathmandu, trying out new hairdo, new dresses and make up. It was a nice feeling to look myself adoring so much after a long time without bothering of returning home soon, attending classes, office and so on. The end of the fun in Kathmandu excites me more as there as another extended trip to Pokhara, a most visited place in Nepal for its untouched beauty.

The sunrise in the Sarangkot valley made me feel like I was in heaven. The clouds flying beneath the mountains, the river cutting through the arrogant and adamant rocks to make their ways to meet the seas of origin. It seems like the place was like just another painting, just an imagination from a famour painter. The clouds slowly uncovered the ranges of Annapurna mountains. It's snow enveloped looks and a trisul seen among the green hill ranges was another peice of nature's gift to this earth. Sometime I could not believe how can it be so beautiful. The scenenic beauty and the warm gestures of the people almost gave me a reason to miss home.

After the visit in the Sarangkot valley, we were ready for another series of excitement of travelling to so me famous cave but I didn't enjoy much as I hate the wet dark places of the cave. But I was truely enchanted with another place just near our hotel. That's the beautiful Phewa Lake. Crowded by tourist but still it was much cleaner than any of the lake in India. There are certain things I like about people in Nepal, especially in Pokhara. They never try to contaminate the surroundings with polybags and throw anything in the lake unlike irresponsible Indian tourist which dumps anything in their baggage to anywhere.

Well, the excitement never ends and the next day was all about thrill, fun, scary and memorable one. It was scared to see the flow of Trisuli river while we were driving on its bank as it's flow was quite fast and sometime it's wave was too high. Finally on the way back to Kathmandu we have reached the place from where we have begun rafting in the Trisuli river. Before starting we all took a deep breath thinking that whether it is safe or not. I enquired the guide who is going to take us for the ride about the deepness of the river. He said it is 100 feet. Then I just prayed, save me from this journey to be back at home safely. Six people in one boat were trained for a while by the guide how we would sail when there is a wave with his constant advice of when to put the pressure with our paddles in the wave or when to stop. It was a 10 kilometer long drive in the river Trisuli. After a long time I got the opportunity to swim and freed myself, of course with the life saving jacket. It was another kind of meditation, floating in the water and shouting as much as you can.

to be continued...

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