Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beginning and the End

Let this be the beginning of an end!
I'm so drunk with this night after a long time. It is so special, I can't even waste it just by laying down and dreaming for some untrue hopes. Hope which has lost its meaning, the relation which I seek to belong for this lifetime but never have a knot to tie with each other.

Wishes put me into anxiety, dream without a truth kept at illusion of this life. Why I have so much for the one who has nothing for me, not even a crook smile. Life is sometime selfish and I feel I'm victim of choosing always "what I want" not like others being the one of other's chosen one.

Today, I wish to sit near the window of my study room and watched the moon. I somehow connect to you at those days where I would dedicate every word spring from my heart to you. The mark in my Table, the anticipated letter I would be sending one day to you are still hiding within my heart and soul. Everything looked so beautiful with you but you have never existed in my world till today. In every man I have come across, I have started to search you and identify you but I'm always failed.

Life has taken tolls over this life just for falling in love with you. I have never regretted till today, waiting to the bus stand to get a glimpse of you and watching you sitting in the school lawn from the windows of the school. I owe every credit of my writings to you but you would never know in your life that there is somebody existed in this world who gave you credit for everything she has acheived without even knowing you.

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