Saturday, February 13, 2010


Could not able to write anything on my blog from last few weeks. All the sites are blocked in my office. This is the only place I could update something in my blog. Thought of getting internet connection at home then I realise where is time to use internet at home. Most of the time I return my room with half-slept body around 10pm after the class. Sometime I don't realised my eating my food with my eyes opened or not.

Well, I have to look for a way to write in my blog. My blog is my own reflection and a way to know myself as the day passes. Life is too busy and road is too crowded, even the phone lines are too busy these days so where is the tiem to talk to others and listen so that I can learn something. That's the basic idea of me blogging and why I love blogging. I want to share with myself what I want from this life.

It seems life these days I seeking for my own revolution and evolution from the one I was before. Quite tired and ashamed of saying my friends hey, I was really busy!!! Actually I hate using this phrase but the fact is that I'm busy only. My parents told me called me anytime. We always sleep at late hours these days. Sometime they would call in my class timing and I would cut their call. I know how much I felt bad so they started taking my appointment to call!!!

Anyway, this is how life goes. I can't stop it. But I just love keep walking and working in this life without looking back and holding back to anything. Hope it does work in such a way!!

Busy life is great!! What else I can say???

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