Friday, February 19, 2010

The Miserable Lovers!!

“Restaurants come into public scrutiny once again”. 

Is it the banning of the restaurants and stopping them to use mobile phones only a solution to clean the society?
Or to make our Manipuri society free from illicit behaviors?

The problem with our society is that we don’t want to give freedom to others and we don’t respect other’s freedom. What make us think that somebody is against the society if he/she found kissing or hugging his/her lover somewhere in the corner of the road? In fact the man-made scrutiny system of our culture is extended even within the bedroom of the married couple.

How come the chain of the dark cabin restaurants builds up in a society which is so suffocating and closes from all the sides to even to breathe the free oxygen? Why did the couples and lovers have to find those dark cabin rooms to meet each other? What are the factors which insist/force them to hide from the public? They are the miserable lovers whose opportunity to express love for each other is only in the dark cabin of the room or only in the corner of the close room beneath the posters of the arousal photographs. It has become a customary law for our society where we only terminate the consequential products and byproducts of a problem but not the root of the cause of such problems.

There are many other ways and means to stop the teenagers to stop committing the wrongful acts such as child marriage, early pregnancy and early elopement. Manipur is listed in no. 1 for child marriage and sexual abuse. But why such problems occurred in such a closed society? If we really wish to eradicate such problems then we need to educate them so that they can realize of their wrongful acts and rectify them.

Let it be drug abuse or the sexual abuse in the name of dating, which is very much common in our society now. Who can stop such kids from committing whatever they want to do? Isn’t it the fault of the society which prevent them freedom to roam around in the open public and letting them to live their life freely?

What else we can achieve after closing such restaurants? Are we going to give them the freedom to dating in the public space as all normal human society does? Why have we started thinking that dating as an illicit behavior in our society? I don’t think we would be born here and human race would have ended century back if our forefathers haven’t dated and married to each other. Giving freedom to the youngsters to live their own life and lean is not about following the western culture and just abandoning our culture. It is more about preserving the human norms of relations and emotions. If we started treating that the romantic relations between a girl and boy is illicit then the culture of marriage is a crime. Henceforth humane race should have ended years ago.
Let’s take an example of drug/alcohol abuse. We can see that Manipuri society especially our meitie society is famous for husbands abusing his wife after consuming alcohol. Is it really because of alcohol? Let’s find out now what kind of chemical entity is there which instigates a man to beat his wife? As far as scientific discovery is concerned no chemical entity is there which can boost a man’s capability to overpower physically his wife after drinking. Problem is with the psychology of the human and not with the alcohol. Why have we launched so much of restriction against ourselves from eating, drinking and living freely? Have we ever heard of any country where alcohol is not available and there happens no drug abuse? But the question is that why we are on top regarding such problems? The only answer is the close and suffocating society where people drink, eat and make love out of suffocation, frustration, insult, humiliation and fear of the society, which are out of norm and race due to the unbearable restriction around us.

It’s a high time we recheck, revisit and rectify the system of resistance against any kind of abuse by some fraction of the culture preservers which can only create tension in the society. Unfortunately we live in a society where people are ready to humiliate you and ostracize from the public all the time. Instead of referring a drug addict in rehabilitation center he would be ostracized in front of all and send them to police custody. In the police custody again they have to face the human abuse and insults. How could a person who has lost control over his own brain rectify without proper guiding? So far how many of them we have saved from drug abuse or any kind of wrongful activity by insulting, humiliating and abusing? We found them more vulnerable to the drugs and any other means to escape self from such abuse by the society.

My own locality is filled with drug addicts and at least once in a month there is drama of humiliation of drug addicts in the school playground. But till now I have never found that they have stopped taking drugs? Had we sent them in a rehabilitation center instead of humiliating them in the public, they could have stopped taking drugs because of our sympathy and humanity but they can never be better because of humiliation, insult and abuse.

Sometime I really feel jealous of the time where our grandparents narrate about the likon-sanaba in the full moon night and how their lovers come to meet in their house. Every home was facilitated with Ningol-ka (the room for unmarried ladies) in a home where the unmarried ladies can meet their lovers in their house in the presence of their family members. If this is the situation & culture in the present Manipur, I hope there won’t be any such relations so called as illicit relations and behaviors. Of course, no kid would ever dare to keep the photographs which can aroused their in their wall.

I wish we return to that age where our forefathers lived freely. For a change and oxygenated culture and tradition. Also, it is better to maintain those systems in our society which we have overlooked long time (for the sake of what?), for a better society free from organizations and their unfaithful agendas.

We are too fed of home made Sive-Sena Groups or culture preservers. We need life free from culture & traditions which is against our survival.

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  1. I got two remarkable points from your piece:

    • On freedom: It is more about preserving the human norms of relations and emotions.

    • Genesis: Problem is with the psychology of the human and not with the alcohol.

    We live in a time-warped society, where culture is defined from a narrow prism of untamed, sadistic thoughts. We are living in a jungle. I remember one of my teachers, who told me Manipur and its inhabitants lack nothing to provide itself for a modern society, but the 'psychography' of the people is so close to those of primitive times.

    Social mores and tradition are an explanation for acting without thinking...