Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boycott Ended!! Why and How???

"Class to be resumed from tomorrow. Boycott ended". Akee updated the news in the middle of the night. Got some relief thinking about all the students who have lost 6 months of their valuable time? After 6 months finally more than 10 lakhs students are blessed to return with their so called right to education. They came to a conclusion to break the deadlock, the govt. and the organizations. I'm against all kind of killing in Manipur and every simple citizen (minus the militants and the police force) is unhappy and totally saddened with the July 23 incident. But only regretting part of the protest was that instead of knowing that our leader has no value for its citizen, the student organizations took up a way to protest which can only spoil the future of more that 10 lakhs student in Manipur. I would be enjoying the sadistic pleasure in case the protesting organizations have shut down, even burnt the govt. organisation as a extreme step and let the govt realized of it's unbearable big lazy ass. Though I don't prefer any kind of agitation which will only led to more damage to our economic status. But why make a compromise with the future of students? Today's headline news in Thoudang makes me feel myself so unfortunate of being Manipuri. It's needless to say anything about Manipur. It's a state where all the people have lost the humane side. We can somewhat state that Manipur is land of animals where people can be bought and sold and if necessary slaughter at nay given time. No value for human life, dignity and existence. What else is left with us. Now, I feel that why should we blame the govt. or the persons who is leading the system. Have we ever done something which would prove that we are a responsible citizen other than criticizing and protesting and burning? If necessary, we can even call for a civil war against the govt. but isn't a time for us to think that have we been so self-righteous so that we can pin-point to other's mistake. Are we the responsible for the govt. or the handful of miscreants playing with our lives? Obviously yes??? We sold our dignity & right to such people by compromising with money and fame and now we don't have any right to complain that we should not be slaughtered or we deserve to be alive.

In the last six months every parents have to suffer from so many troubles regarding their kids’ career. Every day I even have to break my head thinking about my two brothers and sister who are sitting idle without any purpose at home. My mother has lost her ability to control their anger and frustration. Logically speaking what would be the psychological effect to the mind of a 13 yr old and 16 yr old boy who is just sitting at home who was devoid of education facilities? Sometime it's frightening to think that they even lost their interest in reading and its importance. Finally as other parents have no option and have to look for another option of sending them off for schooling in other places. I have finally decided to admit them in Delhi and stay with me. It's obviously good that students are back in school but who knows and who can guess the mood of the organizations and the govt.? When will they again play with the lives of the student and at what moment they can again shut down the schools, we never know about it. So it's better to leave now instead of portraying yourself as a cartoon/clown of JAC's and the govt. of Manipur even if I know that it is not the solution. But my sympathy and concern goes to all those students who can not afford to leave the state and pursue their education. Hope God will find them a way in such God forbidden place!!


  1. Hey Chaoba, Manipur need more people like you who can speak out your minds and then maybe we can hope for a change.. Unless people voiced their feelings, there can be no public opinion formation, hence no positive change can come about in the future.. keep speaking your mind!

  2. 來給你加加油~打打氣!!!更新之餘,也要注意休息哦~~........................................