Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who steal my happiness???

Who steal my happiness today?
The numb God??
The weird angel??
Who steal my peaceful moments?
It’s me, who show the foolishness within me
It’s me, who had walk on the road of thorn.
Hope the numb God will speak now
Tell me once before you forbid me
Who steal the love of my life?
Stay away from me forever God
Don't let me write another hatred poem for you
I do not need you again from today
You can come back only if,
Only if, you can bring back my love
Oh! Angel I don’t need your angelic smile either
Please go back to your hell
You can’t nurture the wound within me today
Go back to the place you belong
I have no space for you
The numb God
The weird angel
Hope you can hear me!!

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