Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally Justice arrived!!!

Dhaula Kuan gang-rape convict gets 14 years’ rigorous imprisonment

“The scar of rape always remains engraved in her mind and she cannot overcome it throughout her life. It cannot also be forgotten that women are generally weak and commission of rape on a meek victim is the gravest of offence,” said the court in its four-page order on sentence.

........It was in the year 2006; the Dhaula Kuan gang-rape case shocked all the north east people residing in Delhi especially the girls. My group (Linda, Lanleima, Ameeta, Lemis) were like right hand for MSAD though we don't occupied any post in the organisations political platform. We all were in the final year of Msc and Lanlei was pursuing her L.L.B that time.

We were filled with anguish & sorrow  for being so unkind especially towards the NE girls in Delhi. Even though we are staying here from the last 9 years, we have no niche. We are just known by one word, that's Chinkee. I never ponder to know its meaning because I have started to set up my mind as I'm living with different species which can only harm me so I just have to be protective for my own body & soul, from attcking by them. I'm not being racist here but it is the true fact. I wonder if there is any girl left who are not molested or abused on their short span of staying in Delhi to earn a livelihood.

My huge regard and respect to Da Noni, one of the senior in the MSAD. He was the one who gave us the space to deliver our idea and let us face the truth of the people, police, Media After the rape case rocked the Delhi all the media house were busy covering news of the girls from NE wearing short and skimpy cloths. We were almost burnt inside. It is like throwing and rubbing salt to the wound. Finally, we had a meeting with the some of the MSAD guys and Da Noni was heading our girl's team. We had planned to bang the media house, Police and all those people having cheap mentality with a full fledge protest rally in front of the ITO, Police station.

We all bunk practical classes and went for mobilization reaching to each and every doorsteps of the NE people residing in Delhi. We distributed pamplets on the roadside to join the protest. And also invited few NGO's to support us.

Then, the big day came; we board the infamous blue line bus and dropped at ITO police station. That was the first experience we had of being kept in the Police Station and later on they released us after taking our signatures. Don't know what they are going to do with our signatures but we were never worried for that but got relief eternally. Thought we did something to get the Justice. Media house had no option but they have to cover the protest as we also accused them for being biased and web casting the news which tarnishes the image of the NE girls in Delhi.

Fortunately, some guys in ZEE TV approached to us to appear and speak about our bitter experience of residing in Delhi. We were given only 20 minutes to speak but we are thankful to them at least they have managed to break the perception of the North Indians towards us.

Thanks to our parents for being so supportive, though they were so shocked with our excited news of being caught by the Delhi Police and kept in the police station for sometime. Instead of shouting at us, they advice us to stay alert and waited for the news web casting to see us. They would told us what should not speak next time but they are proud of our group being so courageous to stand for such cause.

Most interesting part of the the news clip was showing the girls from the other states roaming around the Delhi University and wearing the so called short, skimpy & provocative cloths while delivering our talk in the back ground.

I'm still surprised of psyche of the some men folk, taking so much of interest in the dress a woman which are using to cover her own body, of course not for him. It's neither their business nor they are earning any profit out of this.

My question still goes to the MEN?? What they meant by provocative dress? What is provoking them? Isn't it the problem of MEN psychology?? My suggestion is better to consult a doctor than blaming the woman.

Did anyone heard of a woman raping man coming out on the road with half pant?? Till now I have not heard of it. I think even if a man comes out in their minimal cloth, no woman to even think to touch them. May be they will run away from them for being so offensive by seeing not so attractive male figures.

......coming back to the news....yesterday I went to meet Lanleima after the office and was just going through the Hindu newspaper. Show the news of executing the rapist with rigorous life imprisonment by the High Court. We were like "WOW". It feels so good. I said Lanlei, do you remember this is the Mizoram girl case and we had organized the rally in ITO 3 years back from now. I called up Linda and shared the news. It was moment of glory for us though we don't know the girl personally; we were deeply shattered by the incident.

...Seems like this news flash back our unforgettable moments of life filled with zeal in the college time. MSAD rally and MSAD thabal chongba (known as the Moon Dance) were part of our life only. We hit the thabal from the beginning till the end and no one was there to challenge us :)

Of course, guys hate us like anything for our attitude and for kicking them out from joining us during the Thabal Chongba. We were infamous group among the people for our Tapta song dance, chekla dance and Maibi Jagoi dance in the Thabal chongba. So, we make sure that our brothers and especially my Mamma was there to look for us and protect us. But Mamma always closed his eyes and ears while we were dancing because he has no courage to see our crazy dance, somewhat mad, attitudes or bear the comments from the guys in the Thabal Lampak. It was my rule that I stay away from meeting Mamma for at least 1-2 weeks so that I don't have to listen to his lectures after the Thabal. He would shout on the phone next day "nupi nattagumna aduk yamna ngoushinaridubu, I will inform your father".

But he never missed to take us for next Thabal Chongba :)

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