Monday, October 12, 2009

Just another dream!!

No matter what life bring on my way
I will always be there for you,
I can't still ignore the feeling inside,
Seems it keep me alive every now and then,
Yeah, from the time I met you!!

But I’m also sad
Though I know nothing could stop
To be with you, only with you
That’s why sometime I run away from myself,
to deny the fact and to hide the real me,
I saw my anger to conceal my love,
I always hide my soft corner,
to move ahead in life with a fake smile,
and to lure my life with fake happiness,
But I’m still alone!!

Still I feel too lonely without you,
Still I sing that unsung song of my heart,
Still I murmur and recall the moment we have shared,
Still I catch the droplets of tears from my eyes,
to get a glimpse of you in it
And I still ask why you can’t love me!!

I didn’t get your answer yet,
But every now and then,
This feeling inside me is making me crazy,
Neither I can forget nor can I ignore,
I still wish to wait for you,
My eyes still look for you in this crowd
No matter whether you love me or not,
No matter whether you stand for me or not!!

You know why I’m still sad with you?
You didn’t let me go from you
You didn’t let me carry a bad memory of you
I want to you to hurt me
And go on in life with that feeling of hatred
But still you didn’t let me go!!

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