Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The food for fasting!!

Today is Karva Chouth-prayers seeking the welfare, prosperity, well-being, and longevity of their husbands. I doubt what makes a sense of fasting for a long live of the husband in such a busy life when you hardly have time to breath. What about initiating another idea of husband fasting for his wife and waiting for the moon to shine in the sky when the night comes.

I have no offence against any religion. I'm also a hindu by certificate though I don't follow any religion. I believe in existence of a unseen Davine which hold us and still pull us to move ahead in live. But I don't obey any rituals which says God will grant your wish if you pray like this. I always thought God or the unseen divine would be very irritated seeing the selfishness of the human. Why they go to Mandir, Church, beg for their wish to be fulfilled or do you need to waste your precious life by just spending time in a temple, by just standing and looking after the unbreath idols. What about making a change and serving the poor and giving them a place to sleep to the place where such big temples, churches or mosques are built up just for the sake of the religion. I doubt none of the God would come and say build up my place to stay. When you believe in something which is not exist then why do do build up a big house to live for the God/Goddess.

The duration of navrati make me annoyed seeing the crowd in the office canteen. There was separate food for those people who are fasting. My question may be agitated to my colleagues when I asked them the meaning of the " food for fasting". He used to eat 10 to 20 puris of fasting food. Said he is not going to eat the whole night. Wow, I can only said sometime human also act as a camel??? You store eveything in the day time and digest it later. If I'm not wrong, they are just contradicting what they are doing. At the first place why do you need to show to the rest of the world that you are obeying the God. Isn't it so called "show off factor",created by themselves.

It seems too Hypocratic when you give the reason to believe to God just for the sake of religion and showing off to the people. I'm not an atheist too. I believe in God which I feel is inside me and guiding me to do good and not to harm the rest of human living around me.

That's my prayer for everyday! That's my purpose of believing to the God.

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