Thursday, October 1, 2009

Denouce the undemocratic Movement!!

Dear All,

As we all know that Schools and colleges in back home are closed for almost one month by the ongoing boycott by the student Union AMSU. Board/Council exams are only 4-5 months from now. What are these students going to do in the examination hall. The most dramatic thing about the mockery system is Manipur is that last year both AMSU and DESAM has done their duty of checking the unfair means in the exam.

How can a student pass an exam when they are ban and disturb from their study??
Are we puppets/parrot so that we can just be fit and speaks which is only taught. The most effected group in our society are the students. Instead of supporting the education system, students are used as tool of politics. That's most barbaric and unacceptable things happening in back home.

The question here is what we are going to achieve by kicking ourselves? Why are we always in the motive of harming ourselves? Our parents earn petty money out of the hard work and send us to school and colleges so that someday we should be able to stand on our own feet and so something good for the family and the society.

What would be the future of a state where only uneducated people would be living? School and colleges are not only for getting a degree, it's where we learn what is moral, immoral which is basic needs of the life. What are we going to produce in another 10 years down the line by boycotting the education in Manipur. If we want a peaceful society then we need a well educated people who can understand the importance of education in building up a society.

Whatever we are facing today in back home is because of all the uneducated politicians and unauthorized bodies running the system and playing their power game.

Can we expect that we will get the demand by banning education. I don't think none of the politicians and those who are involved in such dirty politics would be sending their kids in the schools in home.

It is a high time, we collective denounce such undemocratic act for whatever the reason it is. We all support the protest against the inhuman treatment of the present govt. to the people but if the protest is also against the civil society then what makes them different from the present ruling govt.

By such protest we can just build up another immoral and barbaric society much worse than now where people gives no value to the life.

A mail from a friend which expresses deep sadness and frustration over such act.

A Chinese proverb says :- "If you want to think one year ahead, plant rice If you want to think 10 years ahead, plant trees. But if you want to think 100 years ahead, give education to people"

Ironically the supposedly descendants of Chinese civilization, are trying hard to deprived their children of education, education in any form - school or non-schools.

All schools are closed since last 3 weeks. No one knows when they will be open again - after 1 month, 4 months or may be after 2 years. Whoever comes on the way are treated as traitors. Most of us, if not all, might be thinking who cares about school, even during our days we made up everything from tuition. FYI information even tuition classes are not allowed.

It observed that the students may not only lose the academic year of 2009.The students could also be deprived of their studies till 2010 0r 2011 while attributing the cause to Ibobi.

This is going too much. Their board exam are hardly 4-5 months away. Exams cannot be stopped regardless of whether classes happen or not. How the hell are they going to write those exam? Worse hit will be those in class 12 appearing the national level exams some preparing for IIT, AIEEE, Medical exams, or Admission to various colleges.

Imagine yourself in the place of the students in class 10 and 12. All of us seems to be happy and proud with whatever we are because we earn in dollars, pounds, some 7 digit annual salary, or we are Doctorate, masters, Engineers. Have you ever think would we have been the same if we didn't have any class/tuition from Sept. previous year till your exam in March-April? Will you have have got admission in college in Delhi or your engineering college? Some people, earning the status of most learned folks, are busy analysis the situation trying to use their brilliant brain to solve the chicken and hen problem hoping that some day solution will come but at the same time ignoring what is happening around. Do they know that they may not have that much brain if they were born 10-20 years later?

We grew up hearing that Manipuri's are the most advanced people in NE states. Comparing to other NE states we have the highest number of research scholars and doctorates, highest number of engineers, have always have best results in almost all competitive exams. We all were proud of this fact. Our children will grow up hearing the same but in past tense - "We were ... , we used to be .... ".

Every year we spend more than Rs.1 lakh from our hard earn money trying to promote IT in Manipur. Every month we contributed from our pocket money in order to support a few poor students' education. We think that we are doing for a good cause. F****k the cause; it doesn't have any meaning when there is total annihilation of education. Close this MYF, LM and whatever thing; stop working for your bloody cause. Everything has no meaning.

We tried so hard to give some hope to few of students. Now they are taking away hope from everyone. How can they do this?

Why should I care? I and my siblings are done with my education, I have enough money to support education for my kids in good schools outside Manipur. I don't even know why the hell am writing this.


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