Thursday, September 10, 2009

Without you!!

When the words fails to speak,
When the tears stops to fall
When the blood ignore to run,
I remember only you!
You know I don’t exist without you,
Do you still deny that
I don’t wish to live without you!
you can’t just hate me,
you can’t just deny me,
you can’t just leave me in the darkness,
just because I can’t ever forget you!
Ask me to walk the miles ahead,
In a tormented road,
Where I can break myself into pieces,
to remove the traces of you within me!
Ask me to wait for another birth,
Where we will meet again,
Where you can love
Only me,
But don’t hurt me with your ignorance,
You know that,
I can’t bear it,
You know that
without you I have no life!
I will even stay miles away
from your dreams and hope
If you wish to!
I will walk away to a place,
Where you can’t ever see me again,
I will ever live happily,
To a place where
you can only trace my pyre dust,
But never say the word,
You can’t love me,
I will learn to live without you,
I will learn to sleep without your dream,
I will learn to walk without you
telling me road ahead
but I can do so
only if the heart stops to beat!
years may pass,
distances may come
between me and my dream,
it may become a hurdle in my way,
but I will rather come near to you!
don’t hate me for my expectation to you,
don’t hate me for loving you,
you know that,
I never wish to live without you,
If you wish me to forget you,
I will never bother you again,
If you don’t care the weeping eyes,
which waits to see only you,
I will never come near you,
But I can only do so,
If I can wait till that
moment which would free me
from your dream
and from this life!
Now you answer me,
Do you still deny that
I don’t wish to live without you!

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