Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random calls!

Annoy me again
With your arguments,
Annoy me again,
With your cry,
Annoy me again,
With your echoing voice,
Annoy me again
With your random calls!

Days may be bright,
Night may be dark,
I really do not bother,
As I only wait for you,
and your random calls!

It’s our petty fight,
I miss the most,
It’s your hatred emotions,
I love the most,
It’s the droplets of tears
I cherish the most,
It’s your perplexing words,
Still waking me up in the night!

I miss you like anything now!

Listen to me
for a moment,
Bear with me
for another moment to come,
as I ain’t sure
What life would bring
to me tomorrow
Heaven or hell!!

Listen to me
for the last time
As you are leaving me behind,
Listen to the cry of my heart,
It still murmurs to you,
I forgot to move on!
It still says,
I only wait for you
to look back!!

As I wake up from my sleep,
At this late hour,
I heard
Someone’s call
From the far ahead,
I thought
You had called me,
I thought
You had come,
To annoy me again
And to play with my tears!

I have only few words to say now.

I miss your random calls!!

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