Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The mission of making a good woman!

People are so worried about woman especially the bad woman who did not follow the norms! The woman who eats meat, who do not go to temple, wake up late, eat before husband are bad woman according to many people living around me. They do not like me because I don't cook for my husband, doesn't make tea in the morning.
One of such person is helper in our house. In many instances he tried to lecture me in good woman. Once he said eating meat is bad so I asked why but he said human become bad after eating. I didn't reply ignoring his stupidity. Then he extended his definition saying women should not eat. Mocktingly I rejected his argument and start cooking the delicious chicken curry. One Sunday morning he said he got Hanuman Chalisa. I said ok, then he said why I don't pray as he has seen only my husband praying. I got little pissed off and said which one you got! The Hanuman Chalisa read by the Ambanis or by the slum dwellers who lived next to his 27 floor building antila? He defended saying god is all one! I said it's not only one so you should bring me Ambani's Hanuman Chalisa then only I will read.
After few weeks when I came back office he was making roti and I was too hungry I just picked up one roti and some vegetable to eat. He was offended and said madam in our side women eats after husband so it's not good habit. In fact it's for your husband. That time my patience to tolerate him as substitute to my mother was over done. I said see aurat are stupid because they are made by man and so I can't help them. But I'm human who knows logic but not rules made by man. I eat because I'm hungry that's the logic, other aurat is nlt eating because she is stupid and has no courage to say what she wants. From that day he started showing his attitude in working in our home. I didn't try to bring peace, rather I ask him to complete his work before I get home as I don't want his advice after nine hours of nagging office and travelling for almost three hours every day.
Sad part is that every one think that they have a right to advice a woman on chapters of morality and good woman.
In my in laws place, some neighbours have big problem because I don't touch feet if each and every passing man and woman as part if their custom, women have problems because don't wear anything to symbolise my marriage. What I do feel for my husband, how much we respect and stood for each other is not part of anybody's moral lesson but why I'm not showing off to the wo is a bigger problem. Sometime ny husband got irritated because people keep on complaining about my carelessness and arrogance, as they said. But I explained saying what about those women with red bangles, long mangalchutra and big bindi, sindur and so on and sitting in a shady corner of a park with another man. Do they really symbolise their honesty, commitment just because they are walking as a symbolic piece to the institution called marriage! Do man and woman need to feel so insecure if one doesn't do something to let the world know about their relationship! When are we going to come out from trauma of Jash Raj institution of marriage and pump some fresh air in our life and relationship? 

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