Monday, December 12, 2016

Monumental Celebration of Nupi Lan and Hypocrisy!

So, Manipur women are very active in politics because we celebrate Nupi Lan every year beating the chilling winter of December. That's the statement of liberal society of Manipur which can't come out of feudal culture of glamorizing the women's role. On the contrary, they can still die for their notion of attaching culture in our clothe, our body. They have their right to censor the clothe, the man we should get married and at the worst they can not acknowledge the identity of the women without attaching her identity either to a father or husband,

There were many scholars, men and wannabe politicians who celebrated the ban of skirt in school and claiming that this will help the craftsman of the state and boost the economy! So nice to hear such explanation and it's such a pain to live in such a society where women are idolize but can't respect the individual choice of a woman. When it comes to active participation of women in distress politics of Manipur, how many woman has been involved in decision making, part from using them to shied bullets from Army, make them in sit front in protest. We should be able to identify the politics of using as puppets and active involvement. The mass and scholars are still rejoicing the puppet business of women's clothe and body. For now, they only claimed our clothes are flags of their tradition and culture but you never know by tomorrow they will start claiming that the body of meitei women are part of Manipuri culture. In fact it is already happening! Take the case of actor Kamala who married to a non-Manipuri was boycotted and did not allow to work again in the Manipuri films. But no civil body, organisation, scholars and individual of this liberal society which celebrated "Nupi Lan' question such public shaming of a woman and violation of an individual's right to make her choice. That's the mirror of our society which claimed its liberty statue somewhere near the Nambul river filled with dirt and plastic bottle.

Every kind of glamorization comes with huge price! One great example of victim of glamorization is the motherhood. Oh the creator, the mother who makes the home, the whole bullshit of sacrifice notion attached to it., the morality thread that goes along with the name till her graveyard. No mother could be a whore, except she should be able to burn in the fire to prove her sacred soul. This is the true reward of glamorizing an institution called mother. It comes with a heavy price, from generation to generation, most of the children remember their mothers are there to clean their poops, clean their dirty clothes, clean their plates from the table and not as a decision maker of the house. Yes, most of the children remember their mother for the comfort they sacrifice but not for her wit, intellect, politics, knowledge or individual. From all these dead end of glamorization benefits the opposite gender which still rules the world, lined themselves as intellectual, leaders and scholars shamelessly when their brain is size of a potato only. So in every society, there is such politics of celebrating the women, their role in politics in a man's world. There is nothing to be happy in Miss Manipur, Nupi Lan and so on celebration when individual choice are violated and chained forever.

Let's ban such nameshake celebration of women, women's day and Nupi Lan!

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