Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beyond the borders !!!

Seems like my life is also too much inspired by yash raj movies! Miracles happen I do agree but it is very difficult to hold on to that miracle and still be yours. Believing in what dream is courageous but when it comes to the dream of living with a man you loved beyond the borders, caste, creed and everything then it never become so easy. To be a desi bride itself is something I never wanted in my life, being married and compromising to whatever you believe, dream, live against your principles would be rather like killing half of the life I have lived. Everything is so complicated and never ending procedure and people lacks the simple understanding of being a human and respecting to that emotions. Specially when it comes to the emotions of a woman and their family, why we feel that they are always vulnerable? Everyone has their own daughters but when it comes to daughter's of someone why can't they give the same love and respect they have for their daughter? Isn't the basic common sense of a parent? Why are our elders are so mean and selfish that they could never let their own kids to choose the person they want to spend their life and take the liability on their head. What will happen in future who can predict? In such a short life we live, does it even worth to hurt and insult someone and disrespect one's love and decision, let it be their son or daughter? At times I got very agitated why have to claim whatever they did for their kids in terms of finding their own bride or groom. If the relation of a man and woman is something sacred and special why do not let the person decide on what he feels for the one who will live with him or her. It is astonishing that after years of civilization we still think that it is alright to decide on whom you should marry and sleep for whole life and enforcing one of the dearest son/daughter with a stranger whom they find on the basis of money, caste, colour, creed etc.

Life should not be lived beyond the boundaries of basic humanity. It does not lost anything to the one who has been hurt and insulted, rather it only reflected the nature of the person. I always believe in living with honesty and brutal truths of life. Whether it hurts me many a times or not it hardly matters. Those who thinks they can hurt and look down other person never raise from their own place. I still believe in miracles and its nothing more than the honesty you have earned for so long!

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