Thursday, July 25, 2013

Preparations !!

Everything seems to settle down and now I got so much of time after office to do what I want but for the last few months after the LLB exam I have been doing nothing but just wasting so much of time. Neither I'm writing nor I'm studying and I'm freaking out because of this! Sometime I asked myself why I'm wasting so much of time when this phase is the most crucial time for me and I wonder as I could not find any answer. Thought of joining for gym or dance classes to keep myself bit engage then I thought it would waste my time, better I concentrate on writing or study so I quit but now I'm doing nothing except sleeping 8 hrs every day and getting up late and reaching office late and coming back late :(  .

Truly I'm saddened by my own indiscipline nature. Want to get back on track and zeal that I used to have when I was in school. Waking up at 4am, cycling till Shamorou for 11 km every morning and coming back and studying till 11pm in the night and Mom sleeping in the sofa every night while waiting me to sleep. The best memory was the most relief face and hope I saw in my parents face when I was mad with my study, career and zeal to get out of the pit of poverty at childhood. Now I lack all that enthusiasm and I also know where I'm wasting my time. Huh! Giving importance to some crap and useless task! Well need not to define I feel ashamed of saying that I'm spending so much of time in so many useless task in a day!

Well, it was the first step, I deleted my account in Facebook, started to sit down and making an ambiance where I could remember of nothing but writing, writing, and studying!

I'm wishing a great luck for tomorrow morning!

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