Thursday, July 25, 2013

My writing and personal life?

There are people who could be included among the seven wonders! For the fact that they wish me luck to get over of my hang over in love of a old relationship, of a guy for whom I brutally hurt myself! That's really funny but I do not want to laugh in that but find rather stupid because if every writer in the world is writing something about their own personal life then I don't know what happen to Arundhati Roy which made her right God of Small things, what about Mahasweta Devi writing the breast stories? Well I do understand being unmarried of my age, people must be thinking I'm still in hang over for a long lost lover but the fact is that I'm not that mad about a man though I'm mad about love. Love is constant but not the man!

There are million love stories, million heart breaks too so I can write anything whichever I'm influenced to write but people started questioning like oh you got so angry with your guy! My goodness, that's something beyond my expectation! Why don't they understand one simple thing that I would not be writing if I'm a bonded labour in a relationship, that also in the middle of the night!

Three years back, in 2009 when we started writing poetry and was regularly updating in the blog, one of the unknown guy commented to Shreema's poem as she must be a prostitute because the poem talks about the sexual freedom a woman demanded from her life. We got so pissed off and angry but Shreema said that people are really instigated and made to think of what we write and that's a positive thing about our writing. Well, now I will have to think in the similar line. I would rather be so happy writing another Romeo-Juliet and people saying that poor girl has been left by her boyfriend of years so she is writing such a painful novel.

But in reality, I'm the most fun loving person in the world, could gel with girl in her teenage to a woman in 40's too. I'm blessed with one thing that people trust me with their heart and they share their painful moments in life that they don't even share with their own family. I have due respect for all of them and I feel that all their experiences is something I owe to them, so I do write. I would request please stop guessing about what I'm writing, just read and enjoy, that's the best option as there is nothing one can extract from my writing and nothing is related to my personal life!

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