Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Those Living Ghosts!

I'm a writer and wish to be one till my last breath. Whether people like to read or not is no longer my business nor I write so that people can enjoy it. Everything I wrote is an honest account on what I think and felt at the  moment.
Well, I love to paint those memoirs of life which are important to me and meaningful as being part of my life. No doubt everyone of them who I have met in my life were important and I gave them due respect during the time we spent and after the time that passed too. But I literally hate them getting back to me and haunting my day to day life from every nook and corner. Though they do not know what they want from their own life so obviously they also don't know what they want from me also. Just that they are hanging around just like those restless poor souls.
Delhi adore a different look from past few days and it reminds me of school days. Those rainy days, we would be going to school and slipping on the road while cycling and in fact I missed my mother who used to wait in the market with an umbrella, my friend Santosh without whom I would not have courage to cycle till school and of course my dream boy of those days, with his dream I grew up and swear to become a perfect lady :)
I was listening to the most romantic numbers of Ranbir Thouna and smiling alone thinking about all those kiddish moments in those days with him and even thought of some beautiful sentences to complete a poetry. Suddenly my colleague send a message in office communicator saying someone who knew me and her called and asking about me. Before I can't guess who it could be then I turned back to Linda and said wow the living Ghost are more dangerous and they can even haunt you in broad day light.

The fact is that the message has distorted whole my mood and feel like asking what else is left with me when he has got a trophy wife now after painful process of searching for a good and obedient wife. Probably they are stupid enough to act like they are so cool and I'm still calm and gentle even if you sought at me. After his marriage I requested him in a very nice manner not to haunt me (though I want to use the most abusive words) but still he wants to know how have I been without him. Huh! In fact I have no words if someone thinks that I'll be spending a miserable life without him then I can only be sorry for you. Only time I remember of having a miserable time was when departing from a man from my life was in early 2K when I got to know that my dream boy is nothing but a mere crap who knows how to play with my emotions and after that I'm a free bird and now I also know the game except that I don't play it. That's one reason sometime I missed my dream boy for giving me poetry, for letting me free from every emotional prison in my life. Now I know the difference between love and prison.

I know how to love a man and yes, I'm a very calculative woman, I don't love a man whose lifespan is expired in my daily life. I can not care for that man who has no contribution in motivating and inspiring me to dream for a better life. Frankly speaking, though I do claim myself  a very romantic person, I seriously won't die without a man so please stop caring about me and my well being. I'm a woman who loves to be free from everything and even from past. Past is heavy and useless and no one wants to carry such baggage.

You can excuse me and let me live life ahead just the way I wish too. Please don't donate your love for me, I can get that love from someone who has both respect and legitimacy only for me!!!

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