Saturday, February 2, 2013

To a lost stranger!

It has been years I have not felt with that lost feelings in someone's eye or someone's thought. But simply it happened just like I happened for the first time when I was in school when I saw him in my class. We were in the same batch of weekend class. Sometime I would irrationally asked him question but he would always answered nicely. One day I ask for his copy and get the same to the photocopy shop. When I keep on chatting without stopping with my friend about how careless we are, he politely stand outside and wait for the photocopy to be completed. I just asked him what's your name and as always I treated as someone quite younger than me and I realised the way I called him must be irritating to him. After that we never talked and I don't even remember him after asking him to wait for photocopy. It was just begun in September in one of the weekend classes when I suddenly turned around to look for another freind I caught him watching me so carefully and that was very weird to me beacuse I had that kind of boyish romance in school days only. With the harsh life in Delhi I have never tried to find out the love and tenderness in someone's eye other than their lustful eyes.

First of all, I thought I must be looking very odd or something must be wrong with my dress so I checked the skrit I was wearing. Then, I lough off the whole scene after the class and forgot but it was in the another 2-3 weeks , I noticed that we seem to have given consensus to each other to express ourselves with our eyes only. And we continue without even asking anything to each other. I don't know but he makes me feel really nervous, lost and brings back those lost sense of love and tenderness which I used to feel once decades back.

Sometime we would sit opposite to each other and keep watching to each other's eyes till we get aware of some peeping tom are also sitting between us. Sometime the guy sitting in front of him thought that I'm looking at him and that's again so weird and unwanted. When he was absent, I used to literally sleep in the class and my mind would not worked anymore. I used to tell my friend I'm gonna ask him out for a coffee after my semister exam is over and I keep hoping I will meet him soon in a coffee date. But after my semister exam he has disappeared so suddenly while leaving me behind with so many questions where he could be. Rather I thought every weekend I will ask his friends in the class then I thought everything may be of my assumption. Well, I will agree to my assumption that let it I must be dreaming but after years I met someone whose eyes were so expressive and I could feel the lost scent of romance from those years.

Hope we will meet again if the destiny is there and I know you too must be having some questions to me. I wish in this midnight, I would be telling you how beautiful your eyes were and how different you are from the rest. Wherever you are I hope you must be doing good and keeping well. I wish you a great luck for the coming Judiciary exam. You will remain a stranger who were special for those days. My weekends were so pleasant because of you and I really wish every weekend, you suddenly reappear!

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