Thursday, June 14, 2012

Always be my poetry!

The moon looks much bigger
The woman with a baby on her back
Plucked fruits for us from the moon!
The field looks much greener
The wind was naughtier than ever
Playing with my hair
Flirting with my hiding smile
Just as you would do..

The distant hills looks  more like snake charmer
The solitary reapers dances for us like the angels
And we, more like Adam and Eve
Abandoned the world just for our love..

Look again
The rain is coming to us
rinsing away what I'm hiding
Inside my heart
Inside my soul..

Here you are
Pouring like unstoppable raindrops
Turning my life to a poetry

Now I'm sure
I won't let you go this time
Caged forever
Inside my heart
Inside my soul
Like my poetry
Like another unsung song..

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