Sunday, August 15, 2010

Don't ever say you are A-political...!!!!

When you talk to your mother, you have different way to please her.
When you argue with your father you have different approach to achieve what you want.
When you guide your siblings you have various ways to make them understand the world.
When you talk to your enemy, you are something and unique; you are not as sweet and adorable as you were in front of your mother..

..This is a how we involve in a family and then in a society.

And this is simply called as politics. These days some people comment on the group of mine who are settled in Delhi & outside Delhi as “Oh they played lots of politics among themselves”. Before I used to get offended & feel bad with their comments.
True, we have tremendous amount of differences. Sometime we fought like we would kill each other if meet face to face. But these are the essence of living. At least we have tried to think,do and execute something , may be its output is less than Zero in their eyes. But the easiest job one can every do in life is that of a spectator and commentator.

And yes, at least we get a life. That’s how I concluded with myself.

What would be the life which have no discussion, no fighting, no argument, no anger and of course no peace followed by within ourselves. We are highly influenced by the place we are living also. There won’t be hardly any person in Delhi who at least had not explored into the political sides of the state or country. The air is fully enriched by politics only both bad and good. It depends on which one you absorb for yourself.

Yeah, there are people who loved to live in the closed shell through out the life. Story is different for them. I’m not talking about those people who just want to survive only. Some people commented as we don’t understand your politics and don’t want to be into that…but I tease inside “get a life please”…you are just surviving but not living.
I do lots of politics*, begining from 6:30 am in the morning from 10:30 pm. Politics refers to its literal meaning but not the politics of the politicians and its well known hatred meaning carried in our mind. Through politics only I’m able to work 15-16 hours in a day taking and playing different roles.

In the early morning I have to be a kitchen master cooking and preparing lunch and breakfast for my bros before I leave for office. Then in office I have been thoroughly get back to the job and professional. After the job I again get back to my Campus of Law Faculty where I met many people from different background and everyday I have to add on something in my knowledge so that I become a living human, not a statue.

So while meeting my classmates I have a different approach. In office I have to understand  my colleagues who wants to gossip and wants to throw me into trouble. Either I have to shut their mouth or I stop interacting with them... So life is encircled by huge circle of politics and without politics you can’t live, just merely surviving is extremely easy by accepting whatever comes in my way.

I have many friends in school who are born in very rich family and they live life like in a jail though it is made up of gold. Neither they can't enjoy with friends freely nor they can develop their own personality. When the turns of choosing a life then put a full stop in their life. Yeah, they have done no politics and they have not lived their as no struggle.

So now just don’t say I’m apolitical. It's like you are impotent and incaple to live.
When you say this line you are defaming your living status. If anyone further comments then I have only one answer ...please get a life.
Here I’m not referring to dirty bitching. That’s not politics as usually known. That’s remains as bitching only but politics is how you simply interact with your family and society and how we work out to move ahead in life, get respect, dignity etc….

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