Monday, January 30, 2017

I wish..

Does anybody ask what other's wishes are..?
I hope for a gentleman coming and asking me what I will do if I'am given the magic chant to fulfill my wishes..
I can only choose to have wings on my back, fly back to those time so that I don't have to come back where I'm today
I wish I was little wiser, I was little selfish, more kind to myself..
People are born to be selfish, cruel and seek their comfort..I know nothing about the world but why didn't I know myself enough, why I had so less time for myself. Where was the whole world when I needed them. Sometime you have to be shameful that you have no one to wipe your tears, no one to share your pain and love. All has their purpose for coming to my life but what was my purpose to making them part of my self? I feel what a waste of time, memory and laughter when you have nothing for each other when the moments are lapsed and you found all are selfish being who just want to grab your blood and flesh like the vultures. Humans are awful, their hypocrisy is limitless, they can survive on others blood and blood if that comfort them..I don't know what do you called yourself when you know everything but you live in their comfort zone. Be their victim. I'm amused and lost all the time when people are forgetful of their deeds and be nice to me..I have kind heart to forgive people but I can't be pleasing people who bullshitted what I'm. Life is beyond the kitchen politics and some people can't live in my heart even after their trivial attempts. Some people remain insignificant in other's life because they never gave an effort to love people with their own heart. They  may not be heartless but they are not taught to be honest, respect and kind to others even when there were sea of difference in opinion. Once you broke the trust, respect and faith, it's forever you just turn to pleasing business.
Well I simply wish If I had a wing to fly, never to come back where I'm.
I'm tired of business of relationship, that's hollow, insignificant and non-lasting..

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