Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time to free women and children from sex slavery!!

Oh God!! Give the liberty to the self professed Godman to enjoy sex; save women and children from them.

It is not so new to all of us. Like food, water, air, sex is another basic necessities for living;  it is another ingredient for human to survive, reproduce and save the race. Then what  is illegal and illicit factor linked to this term? Why are we having a perception that somebody is cheap and looser if they talk frankly about these? And people devoid of this as Godman?

We are ashamed to accept the human feelings and open up and live the way we are, but rather covered, hidden, suppressed and suffocated. These are exactly happening in our society. The sex racket, scandals, prostitution, trafficking are result of human inability to accept a nature given body, henceforth their feelings are suppressed so far to make a norm in the society, to keep a rule for religion and culture. For me culture, religion and society are another way to victimize the life of those who are given a subordinate position in among the race. Religion is best way to exploit human, nothing related to GOD  and people, no God would ever told a human secretly in his ear that if you wish to be my special man then start living from now onwards devoid of sex and supressed your feelings. If God has ever  delivered such declaration then God is Crazy…!!

Even the epic of God shows his multiple wives, children and his mistresses. Then why are we being so hypocritec to become a big and special man at the cost of harassing those helpless women and the children to kill frustation? In a land of Kamasutra we want to believe the stories of virgin marry. Think universally and naturally, no lady has given birth to a baby without losing her virginity. That’s against her physical needs.

Well, the trafficking news from Manipur, Nagaland and the other NE states hit the news. Sometime I can’t hold back myself and think about the poor children who are almost abandoned by their parents due to severely affected socio-economic condion. They become a sex slave of the GOD man in the Church, Temple and the mosques. If the religion is a medium or platform to exploit , harass or abuse women, children and those who are helpless then religion is a crime and it’s a high time we should abolish the terror of religion from the world till it’s deep root and throw it away. I love living beyond culture, caste and religion because it attacks my freedom, independence and liberty to live freely. I’m born freely from my mother’s womb so nothing can bind me so hard, except my mother’s love.

The hills and the valleys of the NE states are deserted beyond survival. No food, no water, no job, no work and no money, except free air are available. Parent has no capability to raise their kid and feed them even for one meal. They become easy pray for the traffickers, God man’s agents and they took the kids in the name of the free education in the far flung places of South India mostly where there are culture of convent and wide spread Christianity.

I don’t want to give more comment on how and what happen but I’m just angry against these sex hunger priest. Why are they acting as they are unique piece of God and they can be survived devoid of the normal life? Shiv Khera truly said that if such God man can be treated by leading a normal married life then why should not they are allowed to marry instead of women and children become their target of abuse. Many God man lined up this year in the doorsteps of the court and in the police custody. The reports claimed them of owning million dollar properties and even private jet. From where all these money is coming? Surprising fact is that India is the first country in the world who believes that God will be happy by donating gold, silver, properties and money. What a silly people we are when we are into the era where the discussion to live further in moon has been going on. I don’t blame the villagers and uneducated people whose only way to live happily and prosperous is to believe in some unseen divine and getting courage to move ahead in life. But what about the educated fools?

Well it is also our fault that we love to be in the lime light even for the wrong reason and our newspaper love the TRP even if the news is not so important for human morality, ethics and survival. We make a person God in one minute and we can make them a devil and destroy in another minute. But my concern is only for those kids, women who become sex slave to the priest and the God man. They are helpless people who are devoid of survival needs. My only suggestion is that religion or God devotees should not be restricted from having a marital life so that we can live in a world free from abuse, harassment , frustation and discontentment which only led to a disfigure society.

Forget about the big scandal. My own state also suffers from the menace of child marriage. No one give a thought to save from this menance neither the Govt. nor the NGO? They  are happy of launching the drive to close down the restaurants and humilation.. very sad factor is that even the parents think that there is nothing beyond the marriage and having a husband for girl/women. Every women/girl needs a husband or a partner to live with , so as the man needs a wife but not at the cost of life and against the dignity, pride of the human. If the child of 16 yr old is eloped they think she is over and get her married without giving a second thought. We can’t blame the parents who are already beaten so badly by the society norms. What we need is a change to begin from self and education to resist against the norms and culture which are against our survival, not only literacy which gives nothing except a certificate.

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