Monday, March 8, 2010

To the one in Love!!

You waste all that to me, love
For which my soul caged her
The green field
Where the birds sing her hearts out
The fountains
where the soft touch of the water
Tamed the ego of those rocky stones
You, Love
You waste all that to me
Stolen the spring in my life, love
Dreams are too bright to last longer
Hopes are too starry to shine ever
My future cry over in its becoming a past
My spirit stood motionless in sad
Over a past hovering the lies
Oh! You waste all that to me, Love
All my days are gone with the nightly dreams
Dreams awake in the starry night to haunt
Where your footsteps gleams
You waste all that to me, Love
Now I dwelt alone
In the world of death
Where my soul is stagnant tide
No stars would become brighter
No moon would shine more radiant
For a starry dream that just blinks and lost
I rest in the dead bed of flowers
No doubt
Pain never comes again to me now
No doubt
You can't shed tears from my eyes agains
For my soul gives me sigh for a sigh today
All day I shine brighter
Under a sky
Where your starry dreams never comes
Oh! You waste all that to me, Love!!

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