Tuesday, March 17, 2015

UID and many more :)

What is the big deal about UID ? The corporate idea to map every piece of your body. We already have so many ID proof. Passport, PAN card, driving licence, bank passbook, office ID card and so many. Number of card which lie in my bag is uncountable number. At times, I get really frustrated with the  number of ID card and access card in my bag. There are so many details submitted in the company as Identity proof and address poof but the now the office is after our life to submit UID for link to Provident fund account. What can't it be linked already existing list of ID like PAN card? Why UID only? Just because this was launched as a mafia project to waste hard earned money of tax payers we are forced to have one as compulsory. What about voter ID? Why are we made to stand hours to made voter ID if UID is so important? If UID is so important why all other are not discarded? 

In a week of seven days you spent 12 hours in the road every day for five consecutive days. Other two hours you need time to wash your cloth, watch some movie, meet some friend, talk to your family and if lucky meet your boyfriend or husband. When my brother went home, I didn't even get time to collect gas cylinder as from 7:30 am to 7PM I'm on the road so still you are expected to stand in the line and make one more identity proof. What else we need to do. Till now I could not collect my ATM from bank as I got no time. So living in India is all about having bundle of ID card in your bag and walking with that 12 hours in the road for five days. Life is all about that? Should it be that sad and uninteresting? At times I felt that what would be the difference between prostitution and living a life like a ATM without making a choice of how you wanna live and spent your time. 

I want to write poems, read lots of book, listen to good music, want to sleep like I will die in my sleep only, eat whatever I want without fearing to judgement of my fat tummy, without anyone expecting that I should walking talking ATM. What made me sad is money for any reason. If I have money, I'm sad and if I don't then also I'm sad. At times I want to live in some African Jungle, walk free, you wear whatever you want or wear nothing, there is no boiling of blood because of RSS comment on your dress and character. At last without having option to watch Arnab Goshwami in Times now. 

Living with easy money, earning like a dog for seating nine hours in a close building made me feel like I'm in a cage which I tried to escape many a times. Only scary thing I can dream of is working in the corporate whole life, fattening my tummy, then joining expensive gym to lose weight and finding a suitable bridegroom in the matrimonial market. Nowadays when I walk out outside the tall building of my office I started seeing the woman with bundles of red bangles, Magal sutra, red highlighting sindoor on the forhead  as some products in e-market like flipkart, e-bay, amazon. The way they are so happy with the symbolism of marriage frighten me more than anything. One of my junior asked us why it is always about perfect woman and wife? Why not about man? I said when you put up only plastic photo, smile, your salary slip, property and so on in the matrimonial market then how will you be judged? Just like you judge a mobile, lipstick about its colour, price tag, brand before buying it from flipkart. 

Where have we lost the basic necessity of being human. Once you reach office there are lines of competitive people who think that you are not serious about your work if you are not complaining or you are smiling. Showing no sign of depression and work pressure in office is a bad omen to some people. 

Forgetting everything, what I need the most now is a break. Away from everything including phone, laptop, family, friend, corporate and money! In fact I need myself more than anyone else!