Monday, December 24, 2012

Legendary rules of legitemacy of RAPE!

So far so bad! So far I hate the creature which is called men! Living in a country where we still follow the laws which are made in 1860's and still being bossed of  being the world largest developing democratic country! Our Prime Miniter Manmohan Singh signed today another nuclear deal with Russia amidst the rape festival in the country. The face of lawmakers and lagislators of this country should be coloured with shame at this instance instead of asking the people to calm down!

What's important is not just punishing the culprit and the displaying only public apathy to the whole issue; what is required is changed in the bringing up of a kid in the family and their socialisation in the family. Since the childhood girls are taught as someone to carry the burden of morality and the boys are someone who can destroy that morality and henceforth the loosers have to be woman/girl all the time. The body of a woman is rather a property of her father, brother, husband, their clan, society at large. Not for herself! This is the big problem which makes everyone of us trap in the circus of rape theory. Why our older generation who prayed the holy virgin goddess are so reactive this time when they are the one who nurture the male ego of destroying so called modesty attached to a woman. Indian IPC is on the verge of change after a centuary but it is still not in the mood to recognise the marital rape in the country while thousand other countries have recognised it. This shows the patriachial notions of those lawmakers and parlamentarians who think that marraige has granted the solemn right to a man to force his wife to have sex with him without her consent and willingness. So, it is not a time to be honest and name the institution of marriage as another form of slavery system where a woman can not form her opinion about her sexuality, in particular not to have sex with a man she has wedded? Or else let's called just a sexual institution where the main object is to fulfill the sexual needs of man!

Shamefully, Indian Penal Code still reads crime against woman as those who are outraging the modesty of a woman and rape is still a myth to prove in some cases if the penetration is not done in the private part of the woman! If the penetration happens other parts of the body then there is another law, lesser crime, lesser evil. That's what even the law interprets! So, the law is not concern with the humilation, mental  and physical assualt to a woman, it is rather focussing on the importence of preserving the myth of virinity in Indian society.

There are varied of legitimacy of rape, molestation and other form of sexual assualt to a woman. If the rape is done by the man of the same community then people rather question the morality of the woman. Secondly, if the woman is dressed provacatively, but even their God does not know what is provocative dress. So far I'm not sexually provoked by any naked man walking on the road so don't know how man are proked. May be it is just in a way a dog runs to a peice of chicken! Thirdly, when  the woman is a prostitute, yes she is paid for the sex, she has no right object on the sexual assualt towards them. Indian Penal Code does not consist of any provision which does not possess the criteria of modesty but it has failed to define the definition of modesty so far! Lastly, not rape of a married woman, it is again legitimised even by the law.

So, we are not living in a developing country rather in a degrading country where woman are socialise only to the extend they can speak english, do a job and finally marraied off by giving dowry. Question comes here how many parents are ready to stand up against the dowry system where head and body of the woman is exchange with money in the name of marraige. How many so called independent woman are ready to free themselves from the burden of morality and social obligations of being the modest creature who took the burden of ostracisation while their modesty is attack by another outrageous creature called man!

Neither the lawmaker nor the legislators can understand at the present generation the root cause of suppression of the woman from the childhood stage, by the parents, brothers, then husband and son and making their life a liability of man who are guarding them! The problem would be solved only when a woman is not burden too much with the question of morality and modesty and being trained the boys who are growing at this generation that man and woman are just two different sex living together in a society. High time we should stop creating an imaginary map in the minds of girls as their life can be threaten if their modesty is attacked and teaching the boys as they are free to do anything in the name of being a boy/man!

No dowry law, no campaign to save the girl child will remove the fear from the minds of woman in India! It's you who can change what you are when the time is not so late! Learn to grasp the happiness of being alone and chatting with those melancholy nights instead of being with a man who is marrying with you for your money and going to make love just beacuse he needs you as a carrier of his clan!