Saturday, March 18, 2017

Manipur election and NGO businesswomen!

Huh this election fever was so hot and so much to learn about kind of people who interacted every day in the virtual world like Facebook. The new Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister has a terrific profile. The new Chief Minister is famous for his son road rage case in which Roger was shot dead in the broad day light. The deputy CM himself has terrific profile alleging to be one of the high profile fake encounter cases in Manipur during Ibobi led Congress govt. The fight is Facebook is about the modern day slaves who are defending the sons and daughters of such criminals just because they party together and obviously they benefit from such mutual friendship. Mother used to tell me when I was a kid, Imphal is a dirty place, people are fake, merciless, they don't belong to each other and never trust them. Now I realize why she said that even though she has very limited interaction with this people from Imphal. They see profits in everythings! That's the reason of their stand to defend the NGO kids of these MLAs.

You don't need to see any Bollywood, Hollywood or Mollywood movie but just watch them carefully. Every midnight free booze party with inappropriate and unfit clothes in luxury hotels, flashing off wealth and fun. The rest of the world are dead and they are unquestionable. I always thought they are harmless fun loving people but I was completely wrong. How can they could be so jobless, so lazy ass and survive through funds from NGO and act like they are Godmothers to some elite kids? They are always good to you because you have never question them, the moment you started questioning their stand they can't digest it and start throwing tantrums. It always happen when you throw uncomfortable questions to such people.

Coming back to loving the place we are born. I have never love that land which has only exploited, targeted and humiliated the poor, less privilege and belong to the far flung places. I always dream to escape from that land of hell survived by selfish demagogues and socialites. There are discrimination to everyone, the people in hills, the people in far flung places, the people with poverty.  But with such hatred and alienation there are so many memories, love, dreams and hope which attract us to this land of feudal remnants. It may belong to the son and daughters of king, DGP, MLA, MP's engineers, doctors and officers. But we have so many things which such people can never trace to as belongingness to this land.

We have a small fish farm which my father guarded from years from thieves, millitants, police, armies and neighbours. We have piece of land that grows vegetables, fruits, grains and feed us throughout the year when the political misery forced the land of elites in Imphal to go on fast. Our land, our lives may be part of the map of Manipur but we were never part of the culture of elite and selfish people who look for profits in everything. We have neighbors who are good as well bad and make our lives beautiful unlike the high walls and isolated big banglows. We have lots of brothers and sisters with whom we play boating the clear water of Loktak and fields before the elites and imphalites evaded for their human rights projects. We have so many things which we need to protect and conserve from such elite Mapa Naiba adorned NGO bussinesswomen in our land. That's the love we have. It does not matter whether we live 4000 miles away from the land I was born but whenever we remember we don't think of selling others lives, our memory, land, water, air and partying with some officers in luxury hotels. That's our love. Our coffin would not even reach to the nambul river to burn the dead whereever it burns it will only spreads the relationship, not the slavery we have lived with in that land we have left long time ago to look for survival and better life.

Yes we can not afford a good education, good life and feed ourselves in a land of elite and slavery so we escape to live 4500 miles away to give education, food, buy healthcare to our parents and siblings. Be happy you have wealth and money which your father and forefathers have kept in stock so that you can enjoy today the life of a socialite and mock at others who are working outside. At least we know value of dignity in life unlike you have inherited the art of ass licking and lobbying. But there is nothing to proud about it and mock others who choose to live in a dignified way.

We have just question your lords and there is nothing to be personal in politics. 

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