Friday, April 22, 2016

Patriotism-a status symbol!!

Patriotism is a status symbol for rich man's son and daughters 
Music and poetry long ago left the darkness of the midnight
They could no longer feel the emptiness 
Rather it dances around the whisky filled glasses of rich 
Freedom is a mere word in the world of thugs 
Where freedom fighters abandon a heart to love their women!! 

New definition of social service is rich people's sons and daughter going to the dirty street and swiping or taking a selfie with a kid who wore dirty clothes or known to less fashion than the social workers or so called patriots in the Facebook activism. I'm sure some of them must be doing from their heart and soul but at the same time there is something called decency and one should stop there when they cross the limit. Once there was a big fight over one mistakenly asked question to a sponsored kid like " how does it feel like to be a poor". So now the same trend is going on. One is quite sure they have good money to buy good camera phone for a clearer picture of their work in Facebook. 

Manipur is already so crowded with man-in-uniform and NGOs. But there is a big race between the number of uniform people and NGOs so the people who lived hearing the story of sacrificing and good work by such two parallel institution is such a pain now. There will come a time that the common people has to protest with one slogan tag-" Free from AFSPA and NGO". Being a Manipuri and North-eastern when we are so tired with already existing "mother Northeastern" who will appear in national TV with teary eyes and victim faces. But the number is counting, there is no full stop. Beautiful meitei phanek and saree matek are new fashion in national TV and Facebook for a social worker who is working for the betterment of the poor. But simply lets come to back to the cost of the dress they are wearing. Somehow I also had to buy one of the meitei saree out of compulsion and the price of the saree could give a person of medium income a heart attack. So this shows that our NGO hero and heroines who are featuring in the TV channels and Facebook has lot more money in their pocket to invest in their look just like mini-models in a small size market of online fashion. I'm not against women who are very fond of make-up but NGO ladies completely done up like a sas-bahu serial actors completely stunned me when there is so much surcharge and taxes over the consumer items that includes the cosmetics. 

The new genre of social activist, singers, poets and so called good man and woman just confirm the fact that patriotism is about loving your own status in the Facebook and how many people like your social service picture with a poor child but not for enhancing a level above the poverty. 

Arundhati Roy correctly said that NGOs are dangerous. They do what the missionaries used to do in Colonial times. Theya re Trojan Horses. The worse the situation, the more the NGOs.

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