Monday, May 11, 2015

The present India !

Nothing is changed so much in India from the time someone knows in the 1800 BC. People are still orthodox, conservative and love to represent themselves as hypocrite. They love cows and cow are in better condition than their own woman. Working in the corporate sometimes makes me feel like I have sold myself. My own principles, dignity and everything. It is the hardest job one could do in their lifetime. At times I missed the childhood spent in the village of Manipur. Swimming in the local pool before school, playing with my friends without a harsh dream of becoming anyone, going school without any dream of working in a mentally torturous environment of corporate and followed by a peaceful sleep. I must say that there is no difference between the corporate culture and old time slavery system. This is not just in one office but it is everywhere in India. I have worked in differences but it is the nature of the office that you have to poke someone even if they are good work because what you have to finally make them another you-inhuman and shameless. Given me an opportunity, without even thinking a moment, I would quit the corporate life and do even a job of a labourer. Being in a demoralising, negative and culture of slavery make me obsessed with my lost freedom. Everyone is so judgemental, everyone is so fake and lifeless. There is nothing they can laugh about apart fron non-veg jokes and there is nothing could discuss about apart from comedy show, big boss and Pakistan. I always thought while growing up that wow both China and Pakistan are obsessed with India but after interacting with so much with my own Indians living and working with me , I thought they have no life and they are truely want to become a Pakistani or Chinese.

They talked about high-Fi words and technology but still the tones of racism could not be freed from their language. But everyone is not bad. There are always good people among so many bad people. Every morning what you made to hear is all about sexist husband-wife jokes. And every terrible man on earth would come up share the most sexist joke about wife nagging him and so on. I wonder what education they have got. And there is no less of item of Sati Savitri also who shares their greatness among such frustrated husbands of others and to prove that how characterless rest of them.

This time one of my colleague who has an excellent qualification from a topmost college and always excel in the job quit it just to spend time with her family and to do what she wants to do. She means doing anything but not the corporate job. I truly appreciate the guts of living such a money making job and saving herself. Everyday at least you won't wake up with the feeling of being sell off tobunch of crooks who counts how many times you go to loo.

Life is too short to even waste time over such a money making job which return you nothing more than proving you a loser. I hope soon my D-DAY will also come. I can just enjoy my day reading, writing, cooking and listening to music. 

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