Friday, May 8, 2015

Politics of blackmailing !

A mother must be the one who has sacrificed everything for his son. She makes her son eats on her behalf and she is the one who spent uncountable number of sleepless night to see her ailing child. For her, every dream, hope and life involves with her. But do that meant that she could bargain that sacrifice, love, affection and everything with the right to marry the woman she chooses or she wants? This is apply to both the parents on this earth. My only question is that whether this relation of parents and their kid is all about fulfilling their hopes, dreams and expectation ? May be to some extend relationship can be materialistic and it about meeting the needs, hope and dreams of a career, good life but how come it could be about asking your son or daughter to spend/sleep the rest of their life with someone of your choice or someone who will be a stranger to them? I never thought expectation of relationship could be so mean at times ? My parents did everything for us like every parents but they never question my choice of man and my choice to not to have anyone till any stage or any age. This is all about my soul and moral which is particularly my own and can not be corrupted with anybody's expectation and hope. If tomorrow, my parents said that I should marry someone Manipuri just because he is a Manipuri and known to them and his parents are so and so, do I have to sell every value of my life which I earned till now.

Sometime, I'm amazed with the society who claims to have such a traditional family, love, affection and culture do not respect the human emotions which springs the heart of their own kid. It rather looks like a trade not like a human relation when parents started to ask or oppose their kid to marry someone by their choice, their business partner and girl from their society etc. When one has done so much for their own kid then they should also make their son/daughter to live an independent life. That does not mean breaking your family value. And what kin of culture and tradition we are being proud of a society where there is no acceptance of an individual and  no respect of another kind of relation. It rather looks like a mere insecurity, blackmailing and portraying other person as selfish. But the real selfish person is the one who can't enjoy the happiness of their own. If money is everything, if culture is everything then there would not have been so many marriage which end up without a story of love and affection. I had never seen as an option to force somebody to go against their own choice by pulling the relation of parenthood. Every relation should respect the space and choice of another and that will be beauty of even all those sacrifices they made whole their life. Their son and daughter should not be treated as victim of their societal expectation and lead them to a miserable life where they would vow to live with a stranger.

A life without a choice of own and consent is just a burden to survive, actually not living like a true human should do. Life's beauty lies in every mistakes, hurdles, wrongdoings and a better life after the dark phases. When the parents are so sacred of their kid's life and they want to keep a watch even by choosing the woman he should spend his life is a mere case of expectation going out of proportion. No relation could bargain one's dream, hope and consent. It's immoral, undemocratic and insanity on their part.

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