Sunday, February 9, 2014

Redefining who are Indian?

A lost of life in an issue of being teased and chased for what he looked was the saddest things to happen in the history of any country. There are thousand and million pages of history which witness the white people harassing and colonizing the black and selling them in the market as their property but history as a best evidence of human life has never been accepted. 

Every freedom struggle including that of Indian freedom struggle was engulfed to put an end to the routine harassment and discrimination of  Indian people by British. But India repeats it's history towards the northeastrerns, towards the Kashmiris, towards, the dalits, towards the adibasis and the poor, the same discrimination and routine harassment. It's a high time to redefine who are an Indian? It's not a time asking people living around you to acknowledge of what I'm and who I'm and so as I'm also an India. It hardly matters to seek a sympathy recognisation of my existence and looks and being a citizen of this country. Rather it's a time to ask who are Indians if we are not? If the heads are counted minus the Kashmiris, minus the north east people, minus the muslims, minus the adibasis, who are Indians? Few thousand of goons who are talking about nationalism in the Facebook, social network and who are Anna Hazare, NaMo, Kejeriwal and Rahul Gandhi fans? 

Listening to one of the foremost scholar and hindu fundamentalist Dr. Subramanium Swamy was a laughable and one can only feel pity and pour your blessing to such poor mindset. There was no scope of argument and debate between two minds which goes in opposite direction. So in a country which is colonised by British for more than two hundred years and left with it's laws enacted during the colonial rule still has not accepted the fact that it's beyond impossibility to shed off that colours from their blood, sweat and life. So instead of accepting and trying to understand the problem, Mr. Swamy thinks himself has only virgin Indian brain who is not brainwashed by British. So as the harassment received by the every north east is about DNA being match with the Chinese and becoming a border security threat to India. So, will we accept that we are receiving the harassment from every Indian woman and man walking on the road because we are a problem to their border security? 

It's absurd and beyond argument to even bringing the idea of economic backwardness as reason for racism. There is where I said, scholars should be flush in a big toilet. Why don't we simply say that we are most horrible racist, casteist species on the earth so we can't accept anything which looks different from us but we can still look for a space for change and acceptance. If one says dalit are harassed then one will start saying oh no, we are not like that look at Dr. Ambedkar, the person behind Indian constitution but who stood so far against a century old caste system which every educated and foolish Indian still thinks that's part of their tradition to insult and humiliate others on the basis of a name, caste and origin. 

Still you say that whatever happening is a problem of amalgamation and India is still not a racist country? 

Whoever boasting around of being an Indian, should start counting from now onwards how Indians should look like, any specific feature, dress and something else. If so, I'm proudly saying I don't belong to a country where I should look what I'm not and I'm not asking for a recognisation from anyone and we don't need it. Let it be your problem of border security and not a problem of racism and a problem which needs to be tackle urgently.  

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