Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Legality of section 377, the menace of the Indian Society!

Only thing allowed in Indian Society is hypocrisy! The much respected, the highest court of the Republic of India has proved it today with their verdict against the homosexuality. This is one of the saddest day and black mark in the human rights of homosexual. Nothing about human’s desire and orientation has been considered and one’s freedom to choose with whom they want to live their life has been declared as criminal. Nothing could be more upsetting than this. My sympathy goes to all my gay friends and I condemn such a society, law and the people who support violation of basic human rights of some sections of people in the society.
I really wonder what reasons has been given by the apex court to come to this decision. Is it something based on some holy books of Hindu, Muslim, Christain etc, which itself is so inhuman towards the women, weaker section of the society, to the poor? The holiest book, tradition, religion which created the untouchables, caste and creed and differentiated the human by colours should be burnt away by now. What is unnatural or natural?  With reference to what type of sexual relations between two consensual adults will decide that gay sex is illegal? So do the highly respected judges believe like those of RSS, Baba Ramdev and Bajrang Dal groups that gay sex is a disease and it’s spreading to the other person? This is beyond the understanding of a prudent man, not that of RSS sainik or Baba Ramdev followers? Have the apex court truly concern and heard the opinion of the gay and lesbians before taking any such judgement? How come the constitution’s article 14 will be exclusively deny to the gay and lesbian just because their sexual orientation is different and we are too narrow minded to accept one’s wish to live their life? What due process of law the SC is going to used in order to curve the very basic right of two adult having a consensual sex or having a relation? If this is the verdict of the highest court of this country, there is nothing we could hope for any good outcome in this country. They have set a blind eye to the people belonging to so many sections of this country, to the people of North-East, Kashmiris, Dalits, Adivasis and now again to the homosexuals.
Is the SC going to instruct to create special force to fight the gay or lesbians, like CoBRA battalion who has been created to kill the Maoist and to install industry in the hills and jungles? Or is it going to be direct recruitment from Baba Ramdev’s Ashram, RSS Sianiks and Bajrang Dal?? Or in order to maintain the image of being the most peace loving and largest democratic country in the world, the alternative way has been arranged- like deporting all the gay and lesbians to some island called dramatically called Sutter Island, where they will be disconnected or shut down to interact with rest of the world? Or is there plan to create an acid chamber just like Hitler did in an era to finish the Jews or in the most possible way, have the Union of India have entered a contract with the Baba Ramdev Ashram to treat the gay or lesbian, which the man in saffron has claimed to have treated earlier terming the gay and lesbian an infection?

So sadistic and so pathetic!! I will not be surprised any longer if tomorrow the apex court declared that we should walk by our head but not by our foot because it’s unnatural. Nothing is logical and scientific. This terrible judgement is reflection of how they have also socialised and how much their decision making capacity has been affected by their own narrow minded brought up! I can’t understand how other type of human are so inhuman towards another human just based on their caste, sexual orientation and religion? How come such judgement can be passed in a country which boasts as a largest democracy? It’s truly a blot, shame and barbaric verdict ever happened in the history of this country. Even keeping the section 377 in the chapter of sexual offence in the Indian Penal Code itself is the biggest mistake and the most surprising thing is that even after question has been raised, moral ground has been put against the human right violation of section of a people; such verdict by the apex is totally unacceptable. Moreover the fucking politicians like Sushil Kumar Shinde and Kapil Sibal are commenting that is the verdict of the highest court so they are bound to obey it!! Wow!! This is truly a wow moment? When did the politicians have obeyed to the rule set by the SC or any judgement of the HC in a state? For that matter, how come the cultural of untouchability, caste discrimination, dowry system, honour killing, and extra-judicial killing in Kashmir, North-east, and Chhattisgarh in the name of militancy, naxalism and insurgency has not been solved by the politicians? This whole system of politics, judgement, verdict and highest court is becoming a joke day by day. One should not be surprised if next time rape is happened to a woman, such verdict may come up saying that the woman made him so aroused so he was not able to resist but has to rape her!!!

This is happening in 21st century and this can happen only in India, nowhere else! This is Incredible India!

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