Monday, September 30, 2013

Why did my neighbor vote for non-congress in last election?

It's election time. I hardly watched tv but as always obsessed with print media and it's fun to analyse the election politics rather than the politics itself. The only young Gandhi in Congress trying to be radical when he is born only to be a chocolate boy while Modi or sweetly called as NaMo by his fan criticizing the already rotten congress just like we are born yesterday and he is the one who gave the light and vision to see the world. None of his campaign has no plan and proper propaganda of what he will do other than criticizing congress which has nothing left with themselves. Would have been more happy for a PM candidate looks little wiser, sober, authoritative, honest and gentle rather than dramatic, mix with jingoism and focus more on unnecessary issues like "DEHATI AURAT".  I think country scores 30% of poor population of world, would have appreciated more if focus is more on resources, sources, human development of the whole country rather than focusing on Gandhi and Congress.

 Let it be. I can never have affinity with RSS baby for being one of the most sexist party and the one who will focus more on bullying than bringing a civilised society. Of course those who are in corporate and hate inflation cutting their throat by the present govt will think he is the alternative. But of course not for me, for the sake of the freedom I wish to enjoy as a woman and for the people I wish to live in one society without a divisive politics. I can never forgive a political party who even blame a rape victim and always give antagonizing comments to the sexual assault victims, even counting on the recent comment by the ninety year old Mr. dirty Ram Jethmalani. Of course, Modi is supoorted by those who does not count women are part of the youth or the politics or country, and about the women crowd who supported him and our pathetic Malllika Sherawat, I do not know what they are but not merely a woman. I'm born and brought up in a place where both Hindu/Muslim and major tribal groups inhibited together. Till now there is no communal tension apart from small misunderstanding between the younger and in future too I don't dream of a Muzzafarnagar, Gujarat etc. So my choice has been very specific, better I don't vote but not BJP.

Just going to the memory of last election about my mother told me why did my neighbor vote for the non-congress was only reason that she need money for aborting her baby who was dead inside her womb. Before I was shocked to hear that news and I was in dilemma since I was caught up in some bloody argument in the Facebook with some stupid, royal intellectuals talking about those who took money for voting as prostitutes. I said why did not their family vote for Dr. Ratan when he did so much unlike previous MLA. One thing I love about my parents is that they always give me space to argue and if I'm right they do not hesitate to do what I said. When there was another candidate contesting against congress, I thought they must be a better person but they are rather uneducated business mafia, looting the people in his gas, oil business from last 20-30 years and now he has enough money so he can stood up. At least Dr. Ratan was a Professor in the Manipur University and I know their family has problem of entertaining their own people and channelizing the govt funds to the family member but he listens, try to adapt with the people's around him. There were many times I did not let my parents to go for campaign work whenever I get upset with the Congress bloody politics, still imposing AFSPA and of course my close association in a time with Eche Sharmila when she was in AIIMS back in the year 2006.

The recent supreme court judgement was an overwhelming for a voter like me who do not wish to vote by choosing a less evil one. Of course if I vote I will use that button only whole my life. Coming back to my neighbors, after few days of election and election result, I called my neighbor saying I'm so sorry to hear about everything and it was a way to calm down the conflict of interest and tension created between all of them because of election. One by one I called up and talked to them asking why did you get angry with him or her. All was because of the election and then I gave a long lecture starting with a line 'you guys are so useless and dumb". I could imagine my cousin's red face. I'm thankful to my association with them, till now none of my cousins, uncles and aunts can reply with a damn answer if they are wrong. The most saddest part was the reason for voting. I said why don't you guys collect money to get her to the hospital instead of taking money from the candidate and it's you people selling yourself. Then I was too hurt with what was happen and too upset with some people talking about clean politics, good politics when they do not know how does it feel like when one is being kicked in the stomach, here in her womb. My neighbor hardly earned an income of Rs. 200 per day. Once they used to work for us but by now we stop with our business and their family do not even have money to buy one kg of rice in a day. On one side I was very upset with the people who are talking bullshit in the Facebook when they have not seen life of any poor person other than taking photograph of poor and selling them, on the other hand I was disturbed by the misery of the family which forced them to take the money. In my argument in that night, I compare the job of that Professor or any other job as that of prostitute for calling those who took money in the vote as prostitutes. It was too outrageous and insulting for him but I'm not regretted with what I told because for those who can't understand a simple language and underestimate people, I have no other way to make them realize other than telling them in their language only.

With time another election is coming and I could witness the festival season in my place. The poor will have the meat, drink the best wine, eat the best meal of their lifetime when there is an election. You and I can think of clean politics, good politics but lets not ask a stupid question to those whose life revolves around filling their own empty stomach only. Lastly who does the clean and good politics? Ambanis, Tatas or Birla? Why Tata support Modi? Because of the issue of land acquisition in Singur, West Bengal and his manufacturing plan being shut down from there. What about Ambanis, they are the richest in the world, do they practice a good and clean politics when they raise the price of gas every three months when resources belong to the people, not to the Ambanis.

So lets not try to act as a moralist or hero by trying to question those who are struggling for one meal while you all are so quite when minorities are killed, when whole North East is kept wrapped/raped under a sealed womb for 67th years from now. Now please do not ask me to smile and laugh with the Look East policy and vision 2020. None of the people in NE are happy with vision 2020 because it was just a means to feed the hungry child of mainland India, not for the benefits of the people of North East. Now if we resist, protest and try to give our reason please do not trade as anti-Indian, India is very much ours and we raise our voice because we want to live in a place where we can share resources, live and feel the nerves of this country, other than seeing republic day march in black n white tv, we can not be myopic, like those sitting in an ac corporate room counting their salary and said look at the insurgents, look at this lady Arundhati Roy, she wants a Nobel Prize, Meda Patkar, she is against the development. Sit down and read what they are saying, if you love Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and our own hero Irabot then you should accept that they also fight for the same cause but against the British but now it's against the Brown rulers, if you are with this rulers then there is no difference between those Zamindars and you all who just want care about your electricity, metro, 3G andriod and can't think how many villagers are exploited to provide a American life to the metro-lites. So of course these people are fighting is for you also. Protecting us from selling to the corporate and to Amerikans.

Till now let it be Congress, BJP or any other political party, none have not worked in the interest of the people. If we want to change then we should not vote with a feeling of choosing the less evil one without knowing what if these supposedly lesser evil become a monster with our support and vote. There can be hope for clean politics but it starts from us asking our govt to stop politics of terrorism, militants, moist, CRPF, Army etc. Look back see who join insurgents, army, CRPF. They all belong to other than middle class or exploited groups. One join the other army to fight for their right, land and food, one join the other army to find a career or a job. Questions should be asked why Ambanis, Tata, Birlas, Gandhis do not become an insurgent or army or CRPF? If we seek for clean politics we should protest for what is wrong in the system without blindly following a political party or a person....

It's a well known formula that there can not be insurgents, militants, terrorism in a country where there is no support of politicians. If Indira Gandhi is still alive, we could have asked her why she has chosen to terminate the insurgent movement in Mizoram  and why not in other states of north east and Kashmir.

Nevertheless argument is not going to get over but only the myopic vision of politics concentrated only in some mainland or metro will not bring a happy go lucky India in future. It all depends on our vision and of course in our attitude.

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