Friday, April 19, 2013

Killing must be fun : ode to my home!

Took a leave and slept unconsciously till 11 am, seems like I have not slept for years from the time I enrolled LLB in DU. By the time I wake up and read the newspaper the world was different. Show the miss call list and just calling back one by one.

Called Shreema and she was asking me about the news I read regarding her mother's clarification on Styabhama's murder case. Well, it's our world and I enjoy talking and discussing on the issues related to women, politics, home and changing scenario of world. No longer it is about honey money talk for us. Well. that does not mean I do not romance or fall in love. It's like taking breath for me. Fall in love many a times and can't remember how many :-). Just being busy with work, college, exams, responsibilities and my own interest in writing. No doubt, I can not miss my favorite class of the ever smiling and smartest professor in the faculty.

Then, called mom after a week almost. Haven't got chance to speak so frequently. Mom said it's the series of bandh called and even dates are eclipsed. I said enjoy what could you do. Dad is going crazy for not going to the office from so many days and once in a while when they go to the office, they have to complete all the work in once before the intervention with another bandh or general strike. The govt is busy recruiting the dogs to dispersed the protesters  agitators but they have lost their authority of being the keeper of the people. Everyone takes the authority in their hand. The mob trial is the well known justice given to a criminal in Manipur. But people can no longer be blamed. Justice is just a word in dictionary in our home. The legal and illegality is no longer different. The raise of mob trial killing the criminal on spot by mob, burning down the house of the criminal is a normal and expected outcome of a crime. This is just a shame of the authority including the govt, police and the judicial system in the country. They are good for nothing so as we are giving them the justice, that's the psychology of people in Manipur now. Well isolated politically, socially and by media, everything out there is something beyond the understanding of the outside world and the people living in India outside NE.

In the morning when I open the Manipur newspaper, saw another killing of a truck driver from Shamurou in the national highway. Lived the most precious years of my life there, I just prayed if he does not belong to anyone I know. But got to know from my friends that the victim is their neighbor. More shocking picture I saw was the women protesters dangling phanek (sharong wore by meitei woman) on the rope in the middle of the road. What a symbolism and I thought this is the end and baby change your mind, the land has no place for you. They have killed everything you love about this land. The women, the girls are so blind and more blind than before the time I was a kid. I know there is always a taboo of touching a phanek but never thought it would become a state symbol of "taboo". Well, good enough and hurt enough concerning this land but neither we can do anything about it , just becoming a mute spectator. Just worried all the time sitting here is Delhi about my sisters, mother and dad. I do not know when this ever lasting love, pain, anger and malady of this land will end. But I know this will not end!!!!

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