Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Again the home is burning!

For the land I cry for, for that land where belong forever, is now a slaughter home! So many women are thrown like animal in the road, near the canal, near the river, up in the hill!

It was such a painful moment to see the charred, mutilated and half naked body of Styabhama near the roadside. Even there is respect for death and why did so much disrespect for even the human body, forget about the soul! It was not even a year, we have witnessed the remnants of a woman called Premila in the nearby hills.

So many uncountable number of crime against women. Women are raped, killed, burnt down and teared their body apart and thrown like a wild beast here and there. Are we going to still boast like Manipur is a state where women are respected and honoured? Apart from asking us and imposing us to wrap us with the traditional clothes and burden of morality lifting on our already broken shoulder, do we have anything left for ourselves in this land of animals.

In all the crimes committed so far, there is one thing common. All the culprits has connection with politicians and they are men with gun licensed to kill anytime. In the Styabhama case just revealed few hours before two of them are police personal of Manipur police. Big hand to the Manipur police, they are the one who is going to protect unarmed people like us. This is not going to be the first and last, may be these few cases will be a beginning of of another saga of devastation especially for women in the Manipuri society. The Manipur govt should celebrate and should reward them. This is the well known talk of the land that those most evil, druggist, immoral youths being recruited to the Manipuri police and cammandos to pray with the blood and flesh of the innocents. The parents should also take responsibilities now, it's a high time. They would never think twice what their son will do after having a gun in their hand. There are types of parents who are happy if  their son snatched money from those innocents shopkeepers in the market and get gift for them. Where are we heading is no longer a business for anyone. Parents will engage in their usual time pass and they would never encourage their kids sending to the school but they want a salaried job for their uneducated sons. After all Manipur police, VDF, Cammandos are opportunities for such future protector of the land and there is where we land today! Cheers to everyone in Manipur-we all will doom one day for what we sow today. Your sons will play with our blood and flesh and someday other's son will play with yours and it will never have an end!

At the end of the day, all the fingers points to the morality of the women, That woman was like that, she was not of good morality, she was wearing short skirt and yes, who told her to have a relation with a married man! Here goes to the end of the story! No longer we are descended of Thoibi. There will be a day woman will be killed and stone pelted in middle of the road for having a boyfriend, for wearing a jeans and for having an affair. Someday there will be a day, women will be asked to cover till the toes because it aroused the man and we will re-write the story by shooting down those girls for going to school. Welcome back to the age of Taliban in the land of goons!

I dream of going back home, settling there, enjoy a life with my own people but it become a far dream now. It's no longer a home. In the past 13 years in Delhi, whenever I go home, I have never got an opportunity to step out of the home due to bundh, general strike, national highway blocked, June 23-Rabina's killing, six months impasse, Manorama killing. What more to remember and what to forget and how.

Remember those days, when I used to visit the Loktak Lake anytime with my cousin without even thinking twice. In those day, my mother used to narrate the story of ghost so that we should not go the lake without them but every parents narrate about the real life horror story to their kids. No longer we need to narrate a ghost story. We already live in a land of real ghost only and it's our faith when our day will come!

May your soul rest in peace!

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