Saturday, March 30, 2013

On how wrong and was that really wrong?

Sometime self-questioning is very much important and at the same time answering the question I raise to myself is far more important. I feel that for the first time I fall into the trap of some kind of people who are not dignified enough to understand the human emotions and their reaction to a relation is nothing but mere frustration out of their chained culture and traditions.

No offence to anyone! But I can't watch the desperate situation of a 25-26 years old girl who is screening for man, bracing her teeth to find a handsome and rich husband over a man who is not even worth of using and throwing like a free condom at my own disposal. That day I got really offended with whatever they does in front of me. Later on I sit down and think I'm in their level to react on something they do? I don't understand whether to pity them or myself for getting angry for some moment of that insanity.

Having some great friend is more worth than million dollars. Without my two friends I would have blamed myself for whatever has happened but I got the good time, good break and good conversation with my best friends in college and at home. After seeing so much of life, I choose to be a mute spectator and focus on what I do than responding to some street dogs barking at me on my way. I was telling Shreema that day, we should rather be so happy because so many women around us are jealous and insecure of the man they are sleeping around in a same bed but the fact is that they should sometime see the worth of their man in our eyes. I would not even pick them up if offer for free with some kilos of potato in a vegetable stall.

I don't judge people but at least I choose who is deserved to show with the due respect and whom should be discarded like I did in my chemistry lab once upon a time in my college lab.

With the jinx knowledge of chemistry, literature and law especially, I know what to apply when my emotions and sentiments mixed and had no conclusions on what I think.

Common man, don't try to walk with your high head just because once in a blue moon, I slip of my steps and fell on and then you think I'm head over in heals in love with you! Aha that chapter I have closed in school when I was just 14 years. Love was always part of my life and it will always be so at least please don't try to play with me.

If you can love without a spot of dishonesty I can give up my life. If you are ready to play a game to hurt me, that's again fine. I have never lost a game!

With your love, I will paint the world with hues of red and poetry.
With your hatred, I will again paint the world with another thousand colors and of poetry and poetry only!

The choice is yours! Just as you said you can revive the poetry in my life, you have become that thread in my poetry from that day, you become one of them whom I have left behind to be disposed of and buried in another earthen garbage!

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